Zomato vs Swiggy: The Differences which make them unique

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The Zomato and Swiggy rivalry is one of the most noticeable in India. After all, they are two of the most popular food ordering services in India. Their delivery agents can be seen in most of the eateries around your city and also throughout India as they are partnered with a large percentage of the eateries all over India. At first glance, they both look like very similar businesses but diving deeper into their operations we start to notice just how different they are from each other. They both provide similar services but with varying features. Essentially, they are connecting people with restaurants.

What is Zomato?

Zomato is a multinational restaurant aggregator company with operations in about 24 countries and more than 10,000 cities around the world. Its main services are that of food delivery but it also offers services like providing information about a restaurant, its menu, and reviews from authentic users of all the partner restaurants. It first started in 2008 as a restaurant discovery platform and later moved on to food delivery in 2014.

What is Swiggy?

Swiggy is a food ordering and delivery platform which was founded in 2014. Recently it has also started delivery of other items like groceries, with Swiggy instamart and package delivery with Swiggy genie. It is operative in more than 500 cities in India. It is India’s fastest unicorn. A unicorn is a startup company that has reached a valuation of over 1 billion dollars.

Zomato vs Swiggy

The most important point of difference between the two companies is the fact that Zomato only focuses on food-related services while Swiggy has ventured into many different types of delivery services. Hence a broad classification between the two can be done. Zomato can be classified as a food company and Swiggy as a delivery company. 

Zomato offers restaurant reviews, menus, and other features along with food delivery whereas Swiggy offers food delivery along with the delivery of groceries and even small packages of all types.

The delivery time of Swiggy has been noticeably faster than of Zomato. But, Zomato offers better offers and discounts which can kind of justify its slower delivery to many users. Zomato also has a lot of promotion material all over the internet which makes it more liked by the users but this promotional material is also filled in their app which hinders the user experience of the user.

The apps, which are the main source for users to interact with the company, are an important part of their business. They have a unique perception of what their app should look or feel like and have made the interface accordingly. Some points to note about their apps include:

  • When logging in Zomato offers the choice of logging in through any platform like Facebook, Google, or Email while Swiggy only registers through a phone number.
  • The loading screen of Zomato provides some unique and most interesting facts about food while Swiggy provides a stacked view of the app so the customer can confirm their location.
  • Zomato has an engaging user interface and allows you to share your reviews and photographs about restaurants and also follow other foodies while Swiggy has a comparatively less intuitive user interface.
  • Zomato allows you to explore some awesome recipes while also letting you upload your own so others can give it a try at their home but Swiggy doesn’t have anything like this.
  • Zomato offers endless scrolling but is cluttered with advertisements while Swiggy offers a more simple and more exclusive selection of restaurants, the scrolling can end at times and a quote stating  ‘LIVE FOR FOOD’ appears at the bottom.
  • Zomato offers more food filter options than Swiggy.
  • Zomato has a faster payment system but its cart system is very complex and not really user-friendly while Swiggy has a slower payment system but its cart system is very helpful and it is loved by its user for its simplicity and double clarification settings.

Zomato vs Swiggy: Simplified

OwnershipPublic Private
Launch date July 2008 July 2014
Operational cities10,000+500+
Partnered restaurants4500+15000+
International 24 CountriesOnly India
Location trackingCompulsoryOptional
PaymentComparatively fasterComparatively slower
DeliveryComparatively slowerComparatively faster
OffersVery frequentLess frequent
User-interfaceEngaging and intuitiveSimple but limited
Naming A play on the word TomatoSwiggy means Happy
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