Would You Rather Questions

would you rather questions
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A great way to start a conversation or carry forward one is by using would you rather questions . It is extremely fun and interesting as well. It gets much more interesting by just adding a ‘why’ after the question. This game can be played in a group as well by taking turns for asking questions . This is a great way to ignite the flame in any conversation and plus you will discover the other person’s thoughts and imagination as well. Would you rather questions can be factual as well as opinion based. So here is the perfect list of would you rather questions for you.

List of would you rather questions

  1. Would you rather team up with Spiderman or with Batman?
  2. Would you rather be in jail for 2 years or lose your best friend?
  3. Would you rather spend your holiday in beaches or in mountains?
  4. Would you rather swim on a pool full of chocolate syrup or a pool full of caramel sauce?
  5. Would you rather have a pool party at night or go on a long drive?
  6. Would you rather be 3 inch taller or grow slimmer?
  7. Would you rather grow a forest on a piece of land or grow an arcade?
  8. Would you rather fail in an examination or pass by cheating?
  9. Would you rather be hungry for 10 days or gave a fight with a lion?
  10. Would you rather stay in a forest for a week or stay in a haunted house for one night?
  11. Would you rather choose a solo trip to Paris or a family trip in Egypt?
  12. Would you live a life of 80 years with regrets or die in 10 years?
  13. Would you rather run in heels or walk slowly in flats?
  14. Would you rather win a lottery worth a million dollars or lose a close friend?
  15. Would you rather eradicate poverty or solve Global Warming?
  16. Would you rather give up eating healthy good food for a week or give up using social media for a week?
  17. Would you rather choose to go back to past and meet your ancestors or go to the future and meet your next generation?
  18. Would you rather choose shopping with mom or golfing with dad?
  19. Would you rather eat pineapples on a pizza or ice cream with ketchup?
  20. Would you rather be the most sarcastic person in the room or be the most intellectual person in the room?
  21. Would you rather be poor but happy or be sad but rich?
  22. Would you rather hear a harsh truth or a comforting lie?
  23. Would you rather sleep on a bed full of thorns or solve issues with your ex partner?
  24. Would you be a hot and good looking person or a person with charming personality?
  25. Would you rather have many good friends or one best friend?
  26. Would you rather have the most beautiful house with a bad neighborhood or a mediocre house with a good neighborhood?
  27. Would you rather be good at singing or good at mathematics?
  28. Would you rather sleep late and wake up late or sleep early and wake up early?
  29. Would you rather see the sunrise or see the sunset?
  30. Would you rather see 30 minutes in the future or go back to past for 30 minutes and mend a mistake?
  31. Would you rather choose to born in a happy but poor family or born in a rich but not so happy family?
  32. Would you rather be hero in a movie or a villain in a movie who won everybody’s heart?
  33. Would you rather have a tour across the globe or possess one thing that nobody does?
  34. Would you rather babysit a baby for a day or handle someone’s pet dog?
  35. Would you rather own a very big company or loved by other people?
  36. Would you rather date somebody with very good looks but stupid or some not so good looking but intelligent?
  37. Would you rather be a magnificent dancer or an amazing painter?
  38. Would you rather be a bird or a day or be a fish and explore the underwater ?
  39. Would you rather plant a tree everyday or use only recycled paper?
  40. Would you rather serve your nation or become rich by violating its laws?
  41. Would you be rather good at gymnastics or good at swimming?
  42. Would you rather be fluent in your own mother tongue or speak 6 other languages?
  43. Would you choose anywhere door or Aladdin’s lamp?
  44. Would you rather open a shop of antique statues or teach history in an university?
  45. Would you be a boring professor or an employee at call center?
  46. Would you rather go bald or repeat dresses for a year?
  47. Would you rather find your soul mate or a suitcase with 1 million dollar inside?
  48. Would you rather learn computer programming or learn a new life skill?
  49. Would you rather go for online shopping or shop in a store?
  50. Would you rather buy a comfortable sofa or an antique armchair?
  51. Would you rather cook your meal and eat or order from outside and eat?
  52. Would you rather want a corrupted, dishonest government or no government at all?
  53. Would you rather live for 50 more years or give those years to someone else?
  54. Would you rather choose going to office and work or work from home?
  55. Would you rather eat in an old restaurant with delicious food or try out a new restaurant recently opened?

Would you rather questions is one of the most interesting game to play when with friends and family. Some responses might surprise you they can be highly unexpected. But this game would surely be very fun. You would get numerous options to play this game. So here are some of the interesting would you rather questions that you can ask and make it more compelling and fascinating.

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