Who is Urfi Javed and why is she always making headlines?

Urfi Javed is an Indian Television actress. She gained fame after her brief stint in Big Boss OTT. She is also well known for portraying the role of Bella in Bepannaah, Avni in Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhaniya, Aarti in Meri Durga and Mira in Puncch Beat season 2.

Urfi was the first BB contestant to be eliminated on the show and even though her time on the show was short she won hearts with her outspoken yet soft nature.

Why does she always make the headlines?

Urfi Javed has been the talk of the town ever since she stepped out of BB’s house. The actress is usually featured in the news and social media for her unique and debatable fashion choices which seems to be a target for trolls on the internet.

Her most famous outfits include a cut out dress similar to what Kendall Jenner from Monot’s Spring Summer collection and a sheer cut-out top she wore at the airport similar to what Bella Hadid wore on Instagram.

Urfi’s recent sartorial choices were an orange and pink saree that she draped across her chest to resemble a bikini top and waist like a skirt.

The actress paired the ensemble with a pink corset. However some netizens did not react well and trolled her on social media. Some even say that she is a copycat and shameless for wearing such outfits.

Urfi says that the trolls don’t affect her anymore and the short time she spent on the show Big Boss OTT has made her even braver. She instead asks why she should let the opinion of stupid people bother her. “I keep the trolls busy”, Urfi was quoted saying.

The actress has also faced a lot of backlash for calling her religion an inhibitor for her fashion choices. “I come from a conservative Muslim family where I was not even allowed to wear jeans”, said the actress in an interview. She believes that her religion plays a huge part in her being trolled.

Urfi Javed knows how to attract limelight via her bold fashion choices and her conflicting take on religion.

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Written by Elasika Gupta

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