Valentine’s Week 2022: List of all days before 14th February

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The month of February is much awaited by young couples to celebrate the week of love. In this week, couples exchange various gifts and confess how much they love each other. It is also an exciting time for people looking for new love. As the entire world participates in a single cause that binds humanity together, it’s an excellent chance to foster new relationships.

During the 2nd week of February, people express love, gratitude, and joy for their partners. From 7th February, also known as rose day, through 14th February, Valentine’s day celebrations honour the importance of love in human life. Let’s understand in detail what each day represents and how you can make the most of it.

Rose day: 

7th February is rose day. Rose is a flower that symbolizes the special bond one feels with another. You cannot fully express what you feel about someone, let rose do the talking. Buy a rose on this day and let the special one know about your feelings without even saying a word. Different coloured roses like white and yellow are also exchanged for new beginnings and to convey feelings of admiration and appreciation.

Propose day:

8th February is celebrated as Propose day. Courage and love go hand in hand on this day, and you will need both. On this day you can propose to the love of your life by surprising them with a ring at the least expected time to make it memorable for them.

Chocolate day:

The sweetness of love when combined with chocolate just makes it much more compassionate and adds warmth to your whole relationship. By giving them their favourite chocolates on 9th February, you can let your better half know how sweet their presence has made your life. 

Teddy day:  

Surround your love with one never-ending cuteness of a teddy bear. 10th February is celebrated as teddy day during Valentine’s week. This day marks that you want to keep your relationship as cute as teddy.

Promise day:

It’s time to promise the best of your behaviour to your better half through thick and thin. Promise day is celebrated on the 11th of February of Valentine’s week.

Hug day: 

Hold your love with all your being to express and exchange the sorrows you both carry but can’t communicate about. A hug is an expression of support and is celebrated on 12th February of Valentine’s week. 

Kiss Day:

The affection flowing in your body when you are around your better half is expressed by kissing them. The 13th of February is celebrated as kiss day in various ways like flying kisses, forehead kisses and cheek kisses. 

Valentine’s Day: 

The day that is dedicated to all the lovers around the world. Spend this whole day together with your loved ones to reassure and tighten your bond with them for days, months and years to come. 14th February is celebrated as Valentine’s day.  

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