Truth or Dare Questions

Truth or Dare Questions

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One of the classic party game to play with friends and family is truth and dare. In this game, a person is asked by somebody’s in the group ‘truth or dare?’. If the person chooses truth, then they have to answer a question with utmost honesty. If they choose dare then they have to act on the dare. The person can have a second chance in the dare which is the ultimate chance for him. The purpose of this game is to bring out the fun and embarrass the other person. This is a good way to know the other person by knowing their secrets or by getting entertained by their dares. Here is a list of truth or Dare Questions you might ask

Truth or Dare : Truth list

  1. When was the last time you were turned on?

Surely one great funny question to start with. A bit personal question but if you are playing with close group of people then it would be really interesting specifically if the person is honest enough to answer it.

  1. When was the first time you kissed?

Who doesn’t remember their first kisses? At times it is memorable and romantic but most of the times it is embarrassing. Try to dig into the details to know more.

  1. Who here has the nicest lips?

What a fun question to ask! Will it be you? Or somebody else? Explore how much that person notices about others. Expect a laugh by everyone as the answer can be unexpected to a great level.

  1. Have you ever been rejected by somebody?

Another funny question! Most of us has been rejected by our crushes but some are lucky enough to get accepted as well.

  1. Have you ever made out with anyone in public?

If you are asking this to someone who already dated someone in the group, then it is better to avoid the question. If not then you can freely ask and maybe get some idea or tips. It would be a fun one and if they got caught in the public itself then the fun would be doubled.

  1. Have you ever lied to your partner?

This can have various outcomes like that of funny, embarrassing or something deep. Mostly expect something funny only. Again if there is any couple present in the group then it is better to ignore it.

  1. Who is the person you regret dating?

Expect a hilarious story behind this. The name might surprise you but there is definitely some cliché story behind the question.

  1. What would you do if you could be of your opposite sex for a day?

Now this is an interesting question. The answer can be hilarious as well as something really nice and creative.

  1. What one childhood habit you still couldn’t leave?

Can be really sweet or very funny. You can get something to tease with. If a person denies it, then you must know they are being dishonest.

  1. What one thing you never want others to know about you?

You may not get an answer to this as then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore right. But still you can explore something if the person chooses to answer anything but with honesty.

Truth or Dare: Dare Questions

  1. Show us your most embarrassing picture.

Here comes the funniest part. Dare is a good way to make others do few things. See their most embarrassing picture and get it transfer to your phone maybe for their birthdays.

  1. Propose the person sitting on your left.

Be it a person of same sex or opposite sex, they have to do this Dare. Imagine the person sitting on their knees, rose on his hands and spilling out some romantic words. It may connect two person as well .

  1. Do a magic trick.

Probably the person hasn’t ever done a magic trick. But still a small move by them can make you all laugh hard.

  1. Talk in a different accent for next 40 minutes.

The accent is not the hard part but keeping up with the accent for next 40 minutes is the hardest part. You can give penalty if the person fails to keep the dare.

  1. Put 5 ice cubes under your shirt.

A dare in its true sense. Even if not 5 but at least minimum 2 ice cubes should be put inside.

  1. Put makeup in any guy’s face.

Surely a funny one with some mascara and lipstick. Make sure the other guy has to put on the makeup for the rest of the game. Also you can explore the skills of the other person.

  1. Send a random text to anyone from your contact.

This might get serious but not to worry but it would be great fun. You can even choose the contact among your friends only.

  1. Show use any dance form.

Imagine the person has never danced in their entire life and dancing for the first time ever. This one would make all of you laugh really hard.

  1. Do 20 push-ups.

Now this a difficult one for some. But as it is a dare, the other person must complete the 20 pushups.

  1. By using your salesmanship, sale a piece of anything to anyone in this group.

Choose your victim properly here because some might be extremely good in this. But some may also fail to do this and that would make them embarrassed badly in front of others.

So here are 20 Truth or Dare Questions to have fun in any part or get together. But remember the motive of this game is to bring out the fun and joy and not to trigger someone. As long as you are not going over the board, this game is going to be extremely fun and hilarious. So choose any question from the lost for any truth or Dare and have an incredible game of truth or dare.

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