This or That questions

this or that questions
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This or that game is one of the best way to know each other and other people’s choices and also a good way to kill time. This is a good game to play with your friends when at least two of you are there. This game can be played in a group as well. There are various ways to play this game. The first way can be played among group of friends or between two friends and the second way can be played only between two friends or people.

i. Mind reader – you need a coin for this one and a piece of paper to hide the coin. You pick up the coin and ask the question and place it behind the paper. If you think the answer is the first choice then heads up and if you think the answer is the second choice then tails up and when once everyone makes their guess they can reveal the coin.

ii. My friend, my clone – you have to read a question to yourself and think the answer in your mind. Then after asking the question, if the answer matches with yours one then repeat the same process. But if the other person have different answer than yours, then switch it up and let them read a question and think of their own answer, and then they have to ask you the question.

In order to speed up, you ask the question and both of you answer it on a count of three and then see if the answers are matching or not.

This is a great game to know the similarities and differences you share with your close people and friends. It also reveals their likeness towards certain things. So here is the list of this or that list that you can use in the game and to know their choices and preferences.

List of This and That questions :

  1. Black or white?
  2. Mornings or nights?
  3. Traditional attire or formals?
  4. Shopping in different shops or online shopping?
  5. Fresh foods or processed foods?
  6. Sea beaches or mountains?
  7. Sweet or spicy?
  8. Night sky or sunrise?
  9. Ice tea or hot coffee?
  10. Web series or movies?
  11. Nature or technology?
  12. Video games or books?
  13. In summers, sleeping under the open sky or in an air conditioned room?
  14. Football or badminton?
  15. For long drives, Bicycle or cars?
  16. Staying home or late night parties?
  17. Burger or pizza?
  18. Boots or casual footwear?
  19. Soft drinks or hard drinks?
  20. Leading a team or individual work?
  21. Cruise party or disc?
  22. Watching movie together at home or movie theatre?
  23. Eating at a restaurant or home delivery?
  24. Indoor games or outdoor games?
  25. Headphones or loud speakers?
  26. Getting settle with partner or living relationship?
  27. Arrange marriage or love marriage?
  28. Jeans or trousers?
  29. Save or live only once?
  30. Gym or yoga?
  31. White chocolate or dark chocolate?
  32. Jogging or cardio?
  33. Shaving or waxing?
  34. Pineapples on pizza or no Pineapples on pizza?
  35. Winning a million dollars or finding the love of your life?
  36. Quantity or quality?
  37. Debate or discussion?
  38. Brown bread or white bread?
  39. Getting wet in rain or sunbath?
  40. Sharing or enjoying alone?
  41. Cash or cashless transaction ?
  42. Morning texts or late night chats?
  43. Offline study or online study?
  44. Hard metal bands or soft metal bands?
  45. Meeting face to face or chatting over texts?
  46. Phone calls or video calls?
  47. Studying on bed or studying on table?
  48. Capitalism or socialism?
  49. Starters or deserts?
  50. Veg appetizers or non-veg appetizers?
  51. Crop tops or casual tops?
  52. Action movies or romantic movies?
  53. Short stories or novels?
  54. Clean ups or facials?
  55. Sugar free or with sugar?
  56. Fight or flight?
  57. Smartest or richest?
  58. Leaving home at early age or spending more time with family?
  59. Hometown or other countries?
  60. Joint family or nuclear family?
  61. Grand wedding or small wedding?
  62. Destination wedding or in town wedding?
  63. Maturity by age or Maturity by experience?
  64. Brownies or pan cakes?
  65. Apartment or own house?
  66. Turning invisible or super powers?
  67. Spiderman or batman?
  68. DC fan or Marvel fan?
  69. Story books or e-books?
  70. Straight hair or wavy hair?
  71. YouTube or radio station?
  72. Facebook or Instagram?
  73. Adventure park or water park?
  74. Rigidity in culture or flexibility in culture?
  75. Oil paintings or water colors?
  76. Mono acts or street plays?
  77. Expressing your feelings openly or hiding and let it go?
  78. Honesty or obedience?
  79. Dancing or singing?
  80. Smart work or hard work?
  81. White sauce pasta or red sauce pasta?
  82. Short hair or long hair?
  83. Cooking or eating?
  84. Stand up comedy or beat boxing?
  85. Solid shades or checks?
  86. Planned or unplanned trips?
  87. Flight or train?
  88. White board or black board?
  89. Thriller movies or comedy movies?
  90. Piercing or artificial rings?
  91. Religious or atheist?
  92. Love or lust?
  93. Enjoying the present or planning the future
  94. Flowers or chocolate?
  95. Euthanasia: for or against
  96. Cotton or wool?
  97. Lazy Sundays or productive Sundays?
  98. Money or values?
  99. Over coats or Hoodies?
  100. Traditional values ke changing with modernity?
  101. Cigarettes or pipes?
  102. Born fire or candlelight dinner?
  103. Dawn or dusk?
  104. Revenge or forgiveness?

Life throws a number of choices in our daily life. We often struggle with them to figure out the right thing. One of the best way to know someone is by this game, whether you can reveal a number of things about the people or someone in particular. This is extremely interesting and engaging and at the same time very informative. Ask these this or that questions to find similarities with close ones.

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