Teddy day 2022:When is teddy day? The story of Teddy’s bear and what to gift if your girlfriend hates teddies

teddy day quotes and gift Ideas
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February has already begun. Gift shops all around the world are dressed in red, loaded with chocolates and teddy bears ready for the annual love week. Young and old couples alike await Valentine’s week – the infamous week of romance. Teddy is celebrated on the fourth day of the week, 10th February every year.

Before you skip ahead to learn what to gift your loved one this year-here is a quick story of why teddy day is celebrated:

The story of Teddy’s Bear

Former President Theodore Roosevelt and his associates went on a hunting trip near Onward, Mississippi in 1902. Everyone hunted a bear except for the President, who was not able to locate even a single one.

Roosevelt’s associates cornered and tied an old bear to a tree for the president to shoot. The President thought of this as cowardly and didn’t shoot the bear.

News spread that the President who was infamous for being a hunter refused to shoot a bear. Washington Post published cartoons by the political cartoonist, Clifford Berryman ridiculing the event. These cartoons soon became the talk of the town and a Brooklyn-based candy store owner, Morris Michtom made stuffed bears and named them “Teddy’s Bear”.

Teddy’s bears were so popular that Michtom later mass-produced these bears and they later came to be known as teddy bears.

Why do we celebrate Teddy Day?

Like most days of this week, Teddy day is celebrated to show your appreciation and love for your partner. It is also considered as a promise to be by each other’s side forever.

What to gift your girlfriend if they don’t like teddy bears?

Almost everyone loves teddy bears. These soft and fluffy companions are perfect for cuddling. But what if your loved one is not fond of them? Don’t worry we have you covered.

Here is a list of alternative gifts:

  1. A plush/soft pillow: Unlike the Teddy bear the pillow has utility and your loved one would be reminded of you whenever they use it.
  2. Animal soft toy: If your loved one likes soft toys you can gift them a variation of a soft toy. The choices are endless with this item. You can purchase this online or from a nearby store.
  3. Panda Hoodie: Panda hoodies have been in trend for a couple of years on the web. These are not only cozy but extremely cute too. Chances are your girlfriend or wife already has her eyes on this one.

So what are you going to gift this year? Let us know in the comments!

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