20 Memes to truly make your Sunday a Funday

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It’s a universally accepted theory that Sundays are Fundays. The day to be as lazy as you want without the care of the world. But as soon as Sunday night approaches, the dreading horror of Monday starts scaring us. To forget about the jump scare that Monday is about to give you, here are some Sunday Memes to keep you rolling on the floor with laughter and following the lazy tradition of Sunday.

Let’s start with a pun

“Happy Sunday, Hope its bearable”

Give me some of that

“How I feel every Sunday night… Y’all got Any more of that Weekend”

Why does it have to be this way?

“Going to bed Sunday Night – Kalm

Realising tomorrow is Monday – Panik”

The most accurate chart

A Cheeky move by you Sun

“Sun: Why are you so happy lately?

Earth: Hey Sun! It was Earth Day recently. It’s once a year and they named it after me! So I guess you could say I’m rather important.

Sun: Oh, okay cool.

Sun: Hey Earth, what day is it again today?

Earth: Oh, you’re so confused sometimes! It’s Sunda-”

The Realisation Hits hard

“That moment when you realise it’s Sunday Night and not Saturday.”

Sundays are supposed to be rest days

“Working on Sunday got me like”

Are you Satan?

“Successful People – normal coffin

Unsuccessful People – normal coffin

Parents who still wake up their kids on weekends – broke coffin”

Playing with fire this one

“When you wake up the whole family on Sunday at 6 a.m. Parkour!”

It’s Big Brain time

“Can’t get the ‘Sunday Scaries’ If you’re unemployed”

Nothing is more comprehensive than this to-do-list

“Happy Sunday, 



Why are you working in the first place?

“Once I look at the Schedule and see who I’m working with on Sunday”

True That

“It’s Sunday, Movement is Optional”


“When it’s sunday night but you have monday off”

We all feel you bro

“Tomorrow’s Monday? Again?? I don’t think I can do this every week”

You know the rule, and so do I 

“Sunday Rule: Can’t reach it. don’t need it.”

Do not disturb

“Shhhhh… I’m busy doing Sunday”

It’s our favourite too

“Sunday Funday, It’s my Favourite”

We have all done this

“Don’t do homework until Sunday Night. Thug Life”

We bros now

“Did somebody say, Sunday Funday?”

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