How To Tell If Someone is Jealous of You – 15 Signs

How To Tell If Someone is Jealous of You
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Jealousy is easy to detect. Most of the time, it’s about when someone gives off a nasty, unpleasant aura. However, it can be difficult to detect, especially when someone is skilled at concealing their jealousy under a nice demeanour.

People who have feelings of envy are considered to have underlying personal difficulties such as insecurities, low self-esteem, and hostility. It can also become dangerous if it gets out of hand.

Understanding if people are jealous of you can help you prevent it from impacting your life. We discussed various indicators that someone is secretly envious of you.

Some signs of jealousy – Symptoms that someone is envious of you

1. For no apparent reason, they despise you. 

If they perceive you as a threat to the attention they are receiving, they will become more aggressive.

Because they are irritated by your presence, jealous people seek attention, and putting you down makes them feel better.

2. They want to be in your company.

 choose to be with you whenever they get the opportunity. In fact, research shows that envy can be a driver for a close, but destructive, relationship.

3. They say you’re fortunate.

Everything major that happens in a jealous person’s life is always a result of pure chance. Even if you worked hard to achieve your life goals, they never acknowledge your skills and talents.

4. They adore talking about you.

Someone who is envious of you would chatter more than the others in order to give themselves the illusion of superiority. However, the truth is that gossip and rumours are the result of an insecure soul.

They will harm your reputation in an attempt to hide their poor self-esteem by spreading rumours and bad statements about you.

5. They minimise your accomplishments.

Jealous people will turn their backs on you while your loved ones and true friends demonstrate how glad they are for you. 

They will stroke their ego and pat themselves on the back by downplaying your success when you reach a milestone.

6. They make fun of you in front of other people.

A jealous person will use any opportunity to humiliate and ridicule you. When you question them, they will dismiss your concerns, claiming that they were kidding and that you should not take it seriously.

7. They make you feel demotivated.

A jealous individual will usually be encouraging at first, but they will put doubts in your mind sometime along the line.

8. They snap you off in the middle of a chat.

When someone always talks over you during a conversation, this is one of the most clear indications of envy. Interrupting you while you’re talking, especially when you’re discussing a great experience, is a technique for them to cope with their developing insecurity.

9. They claim credit for what you’ve done.

Have you ever been upset by someone who claims credit for your accomplishment even if they played no part in it?

Keep in mind that a jealous person will go to great lengths to be included in your success picture.

10. They are unreasonably harsh on you.

It doesn’t matter what you do or how well you do it since a jealous person will always see you as lacking in one or more elements.

Those that are jealous undermine your proud moments. Ignore what they say before their obnoxious comments have an impact on your work.

11. They are fierce competitors.

Jealous people, as previously stated, always make sure they are a step ahead of you. They aim to steal your glory in every way they can because they believe you don’t deserve it.

12. They have a knack for making explanations.

Keep an eye on that buddy or coworker who seems to be slipping away at any moment. If they’re envious, your success makes them sick.

Jealous people make up a variety of excuses to avoid seeing you while spending time with each other. 

13. They take pleasure in your setbacks and blunders.

It’s likely that it originated from someone who is envious of your success.It can be difficult to disregard this phrase while attempting to avoid being affected. Don’t let that individual take pleasure in gloating over your flaws.

14. They imitate you.

People that are envious of you strive to imitate your behaviour and style, including your hairstyle, walking style, gestures, and even the way you speak.

An envious individual isn’t attempting to compliment you by buying a phone that looks exactly like yours; they’re just trying to keep up.

15. They mislead you with incorrect advice and suggestions.

You should already be aware that a jealous person’s ultimate purpose is for you to fail.

Remember that those who are envious of you do not want to see you succeed in life. If you share a plan with them, for example, they will be the first to ask superfluous questions merely to blow your bubble.

Jealous people will appear in our lives, and no one is immune. It will be easier to recognise and deal with signals that someone is secretly envious of you now that you are aware of them. If the individual who is jealous wants to rebuild a good relationship with you, that’s fantastic. However, if the person continues to engage in toxic behaviour, it is not your fault.

After all, you have people who love and respect you for who you are. Make the decision to devote your time and energy to them.

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