Questions to ask your friends

Questions to ask your friends
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There are multiple questions to ask a friend. But still often we struggle make the right move and struggle to carry forward the conversation smoothly. Small talks are an integral part and to initiate that you must be ready with some good and interesting questions . The right questions will not only help you to make conversations but also will help you to build a very strong bond with the person concerned. So here are some questions for you to ask a friend. These questions are mounded in a way that can be asked to anyone irrespective of their gender. Some questions are funny, some are deep and some are very interesting.

List of questions ask a friend

  1. How is life being lately?
  2. When was the last time you eat at a restaurant?
  3. What is the most embarrassing thing you did in public?
  4. Have you ever cheated on anyone?
  5. Have you ever created any scene in front of others?
  6. Who is the one person you really look upto in life?
  7. Did you enjoy your high school?
  8. What is your favorite time pass?
  9. Have you ever been to a ball dance?
  10. If you could do anything on a piece of land, what would that be?
  11. How good are you in hosting an event?
  12. Which is your favorite heritage site?
  13. What one mistake from past you cannot forget?
  14. Have you ever lied to your parents?
  15. What is your dream vacation?
  16. What is your all time to go food?
  17. What is your alternate career option?
  18. Do good looks matter to you?
  19. Which animal are you fond of?
  20. Would you ever consider dying your hair?
  21. How good are you with handling babies?
  22. Do you find unconventional dates attractive?
  23. Are you a Harry Potter fan?
  24. Are you fond of adventurous rides?
  25. Have you ever climbed a Rollercoaster?
  26. What are you afraid of?
  27. Do you prefer love marriage or arrange marriage?
  28. Do you want a destination wedding ?
  29. Have you ever worked in any charitable organization?
  30. Who is your favorite music band?
  31. When was the last time you cried out loud?
  32. Do you like interior designing?
  33. Do agree with the notion “ love is blind”?
  34. What kind of vibe do you like to stay away from?
  35. What one change would you like to see in the upcoming generation?
  36. Have you ever committed anything that is illegal?
  37. Who are real friends according to you?
  38. What one thing about the human race would you like to change?
  39. Who is your closet cousin?
  40. Do you believe in zodiac signs?
  41. Do you like to spend time with nature?
  42. Do you listen to songs from 90s?
  43. Are you interested in politics?
  44. What is your guilty pleasure?
  45. What is your dream wedding like?
  46. Who is your favorite author ?
  47. Which public travel do you use the most?
  48. Are you fond of pets?
  49. What’s your best personality trait?
  50. When was the last time you drive late at night?
  51. Who is your favorite parent?
  52. What is your favorite dish cooked by you?
  53. When was the last time you were injured?
  54. What makes you special from others?
  55. Do you believe in supernatural powers?
  56. Have you ever asked someone out for a coffee date?
  57. Have you ever been caught cheating in an examination?
  58. What is your favorite cuisine ?
  59. When was the last time you fell off from a bicycle?
  60. Do you do household chores?
  61. How good are you as a speaker ?
  62. How often do you order food from outside?
  63. What is your favorite place to hangout?
  64. Are you afraid if ghosts?
  65. Did anyone ever bully you?
  66. What has been the hardest goodbye so far?
  67. What was the first movie you watched in a movie theatre?
  68. At what age did you get your first mobile?
  69. Did you ever go on a blind date?
  70. What is your take on the concept of monogamy ?
  71. Did your parents had a love marriage?
  72. Are your parents strict?
  73. Who is your favorite relative?
  74. What is your favorite festival?
  75. What makes a mother special according to you?
  76. Do you have a healthy relationship with social media?
  77. What makes a person intelligent to you?
  78. Do you like horse riding?
  79. What is the most important thing one should know about you?
  80. How is your relationship with your siblings like?
  81. Have you ever been to any solo trip?
  82. What one quality do you want in your partner?
  83. What hidden talents do you have?
  84. What is your morning ritual?
  85. Are you fond of tattoos and piercings?
  86. Who is your favorite celebrity?
  87. Do you like to read storybooks?
  88. Do you like gardening?
  89. How clean your room is?
  90. Have you ever gifted any handmade gift to any person ?
  91. What would you like to tell about mental health?
  92. Do you have any obsession over any material object?
  93. Do you like social gatherings?
  94. How regular are you in your classes?
  95. Do you enjoy sea food?
  96. If you were given a billion dollars, on what would you invest?
  97. How often do you visit your relatives?
  98. Who is your favorite superhero?
  99. Do you skip bathing?
  100. Are you a tech savvy person?
  101. What is the funniest incident you remember from your childhood?
  102. Have you ever gotten in any fight?
  103. What are your midnight cravings mostly like?
  104. What makes you smile the most?
  105. Do you like shopping?
  106. Have you ever met with any road accident?

Here is the list of 106 questions you can your friend to continue with the conversation and build a stronger bond and friendship.

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