Questions to ask a boy before an arranged marriage

questions to ask a boy before arranged marriage
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Marriage is one of the most important events in one’s life. Hence, it is important to know the boy you are going to marry, and to know him you need to ask questions. There is nothing wrong in asking questions to the guy before the marriage. Because After the marriage, the bride has to move out from her own house and settle permanently with her husband. You should ask about his personal and professional life as nobody wants any chaos after the marriage. So if you are planning to look for the right partner for your big day then here are a set of questions you should ask a boy in arrange marriage.

What Questions To Ask A Boy Before Arranged Marriage?

  1. Questions related to his work life
  2. Questions related to relationship with partner
  3. Questions related to social life
  4. Questions related to family

Questions related to his work life

To know about the work nature in which he is involved is extremely important. His career, job, and future plans are crucial to be noted. Here are some questions that one must ask:

  1. What is your present status in your job life?
  2. Do you find interest in what you do?
  3. Do you wish to change your company in the future if you get a better opportunity?
  4. What is your opinion about your partner being financially independent?
  5. Would you mind if your partner have to travel for work and stay out of the station for a long time?
  6. Where do you see yourself after 10 years from now?
  7. Does your job offer any insurance or benefits for your family members?

Questions related to relationship with partner

The first topic you should take up is about his engagement in marriage and his commitment to his partner. These questions would help you to know about his thoughts and perspective on marriage and the kind of relationship he wants with his partner : 

  1. What is marriage according to you?
  2. How do you think your life would change after marriage?
  3. What are the qualities you want in your partner?
  4. How much time do you think you can devote in this marriage?
  5. What according to you are the pros and cons of marriage?
  6. What kind of holidays do you prefer?
  7. Are there anything you don’t want your partner to do in particular?
  8. How good are you at cooking and how would you share the kitchen space with your spouse?
  9. How would you like to balance between the indoors and work life with your partner?
  10.  What is your take on the current changes occurring in the patriarchal system existing in our society?
  11. Do you believe that astronomy places a role in marriage?
  12.  How would you manage disagreements and conflicts in the marriage?
  13. What is your take on giving personal space to each other?

Questions related to social life

To know the social life is important as the girl would too be a part of it after marriage. To know about his friends and other people he is connected to is necessary. Here are the list of questions one must ask:

  1.  How is your overall social life?
  2.  Tell me something about your friend circle and social circle.
  3. What are your other interest areas apart from your job?
  4. How often do you go out with your friends and relatives?
  5.  How do you spend your weekends usually and how would you want to spend it after marriage?
  6. Do you like to travel around?
  7. If there is any social gathering at your place how would you manage it?

Questions related to family

Family is the most important part of a marriage. His parents, near relatives and extended family are all a part of marriage as in India it is more like two family getting married through marriage of a boy and a girl. Following are the questions one must ask related to family:

  1.  How would you strike a balance between work and family?
  2. Do you believe that all family members should have an equal say in making a decision?
  3. How often do you visit your other members from the extended family?
  4. Are you fine with your partner staying at her own place either her parents for a long time?
  5.  Does your family have any debts or loans due to any financial institution?
  6. Are there any quality your parents don’t wish to have in your partner?
  7. Do you celebrate festivals and other occasions with your family?
  8.  Are there any hereditary diseases or abnormalities in your family?

Questions related to future plans

Future plans are the foundation to a healthy marriage. To be prepared for any emergency in the future and making plans leads to a successful marriage. Following are the questions to be asked to know the future plan:

  1.  Do you have any future plan to move abroad?
  2.  What are your money saving plans?
  3.  How do you manage your financial problems?
  4.  Do you have any financial and medical insurance?
  5.  Are you planning for anything for your old age like any retirement fund?
  6.  Would you want to adopt a child with any physical or mental disability?
  7.  Would you want to consult a marriage counselor if you are having any marital issues with your partner?

These are the important questions to be raised by the girl or her family before arranging her marriage with a boy. These questions would not be disgraceful to anyone but are necessary to put forward. One has to be kind and soft-spoken while posing these questions and it is always better to take time and ask them. Exploring these questions are necessary as a healthy marriage life leads to a happy life for the boy and the girl and for both the families as well.

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