13 Funny Prank Call Ideas (Try it at your own risk)

Prank Call Ideas
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Prank calls are, and always will be the pinnacle of entertainment for all ages. They are the best source of entertainment whenever you are bored or when playing a game of truth or dare or anything, because honestly speaking, prank calling doesn’t need a reason, just the spirit to do it.

This list contains 13 of the best prank call ideas(worst for the victim) to get you started with the joy of prank calling. Make sure to use a private number or turn the caller Id off to ensure your prank does not fail. Let’s dial.

Scorned lover

Call a friend and shower them with love, tell them you love them and miss them a lot. Their response will include asking who’s calling and when they do appear upset and ask, in an upset voice, how many people call just to tell them that they love them. This will surely make them super confused but continue the act of being upset, it gets better if you can fake cry. Now the person will either try to console you or hang up. If they chose the former you are in for a fun ride but even on the latter choice, they will keep wondering who you were which is weirdly satisfying. 

You called me

As the name says, just call a friend and act as if they called you. Ask them who’s calling? They will respond by saying that you called them or ask who you are, here, act confused, and continue to act like they were the one who actually called you. Stay adamant on the fact that they were the ones who called. Try to keep this up for as long as possible before your friend eventually hangs up on you.

It’s been so long!

This one requires you to find the number and name of a random person. It doesn’t really work with friends. When you find it, call them and be excited as if you just found their number after a lot of hassle and just wanted to check how they’re doing. Let them know you want to meet and catch up with them soon since It’s been so long since you guys met. They will obviously ask you some questions to figure out who you are, be vague or maybe even wild with your answers to those questions, the weirder the better. Most likely you both will end the call with bursts of laughter.

Fake a Food Delivery

Call a friend, who you know the address of and its surrounding areas to make the prank better, and tell them that their food delivery has been completed and it’s been placed on their doorsteps. They will get confused and claim that they didn’t order any food, then use their name, number, and address to make them believe that the order was made by them and it has been delivered. They will eventually go to their doorstep to check on the delivered food and when they do tell them you put it somewhere near the door or on the backdoor of the house then abruptly cut the call and let them wander around the house in search of a delicious snack. 

I’m outside

This one is super simple, call a friend and tell them you are waiting outside their house for a surprise hangout and once they move outside of their house to check, just hang up. 

Sorry You Have The Wrong Number

Call anyone and exclaim to them that they have the wrong number. Be resolved to tell them that they are the ones who called and not the other way around. Soon they will hang up, then call them back and be a little more annoyed about being called by them. This will get them super confused all day long about what just happened to them and who you were.

I know you did it…

Call anyone and just say these words “I know you did it”, or “ I know that you did it”. Be vague and never mention anything specific, even after they keep insisting on you telling them what it is. This might lead to some weird confessions from their end. The prank gets better if you can get your friends to call them as well stating the same thing.

Double Trouble

Grab on two phones and call two people and put the two phones together and let those two people converse in a confused state. If any one of them hangs up, just call them back.

Hey! How you doin’?

Call a random number and ask them how they are, how it works, and random questions like this. Be casual and see if the other person will play along. To make the prank better, make statements like, don’t you recognize me? How can you not recognize me? And be as creative as possible.

Is Your Refrigerator Running?

This one’s a classic and every prank call list is incomplete without this prank. Call anyone and ask them if their refrigerator is running. When they reply in the affirmative, tell them to hurry and grab on to it or it will run away then immediately hang up. It’s one of the easiest pranks to pull off and also hilarious.

But, a lot of people have started catching on to this prank so you can get a bit creative to ensure success in your prank. When you call someone, tell them you are a serviceman or from the store and are doing a maintenance check, then ask them if their refrigerator is running and complete the prank.

Order the Food That the Outlet doesn’t Serve

Food outlets are the most entertaining places to call for a prank. Call any food outlet of your choice and order something they don’t serve, for example, you can call a Baskin Robins and ask for a pizza, when they tell you they don’t serve that, you can even start asking about different varieties of pizzas like a medium size margarita pizza, or a chicken sausage pizza, or even switch onto something like a burger or anything random.

Another version of this prank is to call a food joint, then ask for the number of a rival food joint. Like calling Pizza hut and asking for Domino’s number. The receiver will be extremely confused about what to say so you wait for their response and improvise accordingly unless they catch up on the prank and hang up.

I want Advice

Call anyone and tell them you are hoping for some health advice regarding a condition. Make sure it is a real condition, something which is hilarious yet weird to talk about. Like being a delphinophile. Tell them you have no idea about what to do next and want some advice. The victim of your call might become empathetic towards you and want to hear you out. Add more weird things to make the situation even funnier.

Secret Message

This prank is perfect when executed with a friend. Call anyone and ask them if a name is there. When they respond saying that it’s a wrong number just say that when the previously named person calls, you have a message for them and ask them to convey it forward. Keep the message cryptic and weird to get your victim pondering about it. For example, “Tell Smith, the road’s curve even when they don’t have to” and immediately hang up then after a while get your friend to call the same number and pretend to be Smith and ask if any message was left for them.

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