Sigma rules list: 10 common personality traits of a Sigma Male and Female

sigma male and female
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A sigma personality is what? Who is a sigma male? Sigma female? Many individuals are claiming to be one, however, the majority are misinformed.

An autonomous and self-sufficient strong introvert is characterized by the personality archetype of Sigma. Their authority derives from who they are, not from a societal structure.

Sigma guys or females appreciate others and esteem themselves. To feel secure, they don’t depend on power dynamics; instead, they assert their uniqueness via their naturally commanding presence.

Most of the time, extroverts want to be alpha men or females since it suits their personality. However, introverts are more likely to suit the sigma man or female stereotype.

Sigma Personality Traits

Five male archetypes exist in theory: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Omega, and Sigma. The first four belong to a social hierarchy, while sigma is on the outside.

  1. They are self-starters who like working alone and are autonomous, self-assured, and self-sufficient. They value their privacy, isolation, and personal space.
  2. They are very self-aware and reflective, quiet leaders who set an example for others, are highly adaptive, and willing to take measured risks.
  3. They ignore the social order and elude it.
  4. They like learning, accomplishing, developing, and improving for themselves rather than impressing others. They do not depend on their sense of self-worth on possessions or approval from others.
  5. They dominate the room with their commanding presence and are elusive and difficult to attain.
  6. They are confident in what they want and pursue it. They act independently and in their way.
  7. Although they can act the part of the alpha, they would rather be a sigma.

Who is a Sigma Male?

Men who fall within the “Sigma” group, to put it simply, are not classified as either Alpha or Beta. They are known for being fiercely independent and creative with little to no care for what other people think of them.

Characteristics of a Sigma Male:

  1. He often lives alone.
  2. He is adaptable.
  3. He can lead without using force.
  4. He can be an excellent listener.
  5. He can be self-aware.
  6. They can be themselves no matter who is looking.
  7. He can be themselves, and they have a moral ambiguity.
  8. His social skills are rusty.
  9. While they may join friendship circles, they do not depend on them for their future.

Who is a Sigma Female?

A woman who identifies as a sigma female is autonomous and doesn’t mind defying convention. She is aware of social conventions, but that does not imply that she always complies with them.

Characteristics of a Sigma Female:

  1. She is self-reliant.
  2. She can fit into a social setting.
  3. She is commanding.
  4. She is loyal.
  5. She is mysterious.
  6. She does not adhere to trends.
  7. She doesn’t have a deadline.
  8. She exudes magnetism.
  9. She is independent.
  10. She is disinterested in rationalizations.
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