Most Hated Countries in the World (The Top 10 List)

With a total of 195 countries, there is always scope to hate some more than the others. This is further made worse by the actions of specific countries that feel like they want others to hate them. No country is perfect, every country is hated by someone or the other but there are few which are hated by a huge majority of countries and people have a common consensus but varying reasons to hate them. We have taken the liberty of accumulating the data and picking out the top ten most hated countries in the world and this is what we came up with. The results may shock you.

1. Russia

Russia is currently the most hated country in the world, especially by the previous members of the soviet union for its constant attempts to regain control over them. Cyber Warfare in Russia is another aspect of the country which is hated by the whole world. Currently, a group of Russian military hackers is being blamed for the most costly cyber-attack in history, which is known as NotPetya. The attack on Ukraine by Russia has drastically increased the hatred for the country all over the world and hence earned the title of the most hated country in the world.

2. China

Being a close ally to one of the most hated countries in the world is also gonna put you in the top spot for the same list, this is exactly the case with China but it’s not the only reason for its hatred. The country is also responsible for drastic environmental losses due to its large-scale exploitation of sea resources. More than 40 countries have fallen into the debt trapping scheme by China and are now struggling because of China. Though China has the most fundamental rights than any other country through its Constitution, the reality of the matter is that those rights are heavily compromised with no real freedom.

3. The United States of America

Nobody likes the person who indulges in your matters for any reason, The USA is that person. The country has a foreign policy which in simple terms equates to them having about 163 embassies all over the world. So, the USA has an embassy in almost every country. So whenever a conflict between any country arises, it is the quickest to respond. This foreign policy is hated by many countries and even by the citizens of the USA. In 2021, the USA reportedly spent over 801 billion dollars just on its military, which is more than 10% of the total federal reserve of the country. The issues of frequent gun violence, racial discrimination, and many others also are a helping in deteriorating the reputation of the Country.

4. Pakistan

The international organisations have ample evidence that Pakistan is a hub for major terrorism activities and is the place where every major terrorist attack was planned and was even funded by the Pakistani government. Pakistan is also infamous for religious intolerance and is known to force its citizens of other religions to convert to Islam. To get their wishes, they have even destroyed temples in the past to get the minorities to convert to Islam. It is also believed that Pakistan is also one of the countries that smuggle nuclear weapons to North Korea and is an ally of the country.

5. North Korea

It is surprising to many but North Korea has yet to be known as the most hated country in the world but is always a top contender for it. The country which is famous for having the worst human rights record and a cruel dictator cannot be said to be loved by many. The country is hated by almost everyone unanimously including the UNO, WHO, and other international organisations. The nuclear power held by the ‘Supreme Leader of North Korea’ and the frequent testing of his arsenal of weapons just make things much worse for the country.

6. Israel

One of the longest wars in the world was fought in  Israel-Palestine between the Jews and Arabs and this war single-handedly managed to attract international attention to the country. This war led to many innocent bystanders losing their lives in the process among many other losses. The worst part of the war was the police-led attack on the Al-Aqsa Mosque, how the law enforcement agencies which are supposed to protect the people, violated them was shocking. Israel’s recent bombing of Gaza fueled anti-Israel sentiment.

7. Iraq

The country has been destroyed by the long-running fight between ISIS and government forces. ISIS has been known to use civilians as human shields, for firing indiscriminate weapons in residential areas, carrying out car bombings and other suicide assaults killing many in the process, and laying down landmines. ISIS has yet to be defeated. Iraq’s government is also to blame for this. Government forces have looted civilian homes and destroyed them. Enforced disappearances, torture, and executions were among the various crimes they performed against civilians regularly. Child soldiers have even been deployed by government forces. 

8. Iran

Iran has a remarkable history as the site of one of the world’s oldest civilizations, but its volatility has made it one of the world’s most despised countries. Human rights violations in Iran aren’t the only source of concern in the country. Iran’s nuclear program has also raised severe worries, as has the country’s behaviour, which ranges from ballistic missile tests to backing violent militia groups across the Middle East.

9. United Kingdom

The country which colonised most of the countries in the world, used up all its resources while exploiting the citizens of its country then left the country abruptly has earned its name on this list. Though the country has gotten way better since then, the scars that it inflicted on other countries are still very fresh. Even recently, the International Criminal Court admitted that the UK was involved in War Crimes in Iraq which occurred between 2003-2009. So, the country still has a long way to go to gain some respect.

10. Turkey

One of the most controversial actions taken by the extremist president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, was the conversion of Hagia Sophia Church into a mosque which hurt a lot of religious sentiments all over the world. Turkey is also believed to have been encouraging terrorism and helping in the transport of terrorists to various countries. The country is known to provide citizenship to Hamas operatives and is especially a bully to its neighbouring countries.

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