20 Monday memes to avoid a Mundane day

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Popular opinion says that Monday is the worst day of the week. There are many reasons for that but we are not here for that. We have gathered here today to heckle Monday as it has always done to us. We can’t help hating this stupid day of the week but we have many better things to do. Like, laughing at some hilarious memes about Monday and just how useless it is. These memes will not only have you rolling with laughter but will also ease up your pain.

Take that, Monday

“Hey Monday, You left this at my house”

Nobody wants it

“But I don’t want it to be Monday already”

Emotional Damage?

“When you are enjoying your lunch break but then you realise it’s only Monday”

Wishing I was a cat

“When you wake up on a Monday morning but you remember that you’re a cat and you don’t have to go to work”

Monday face reveal

“If Monday had a face…

That would be it”

It do be like that

“Arriving to work Monday Morning

I’m dead inside”

It’s so accurate that it’s scary

“Leaving work on a Friday

Going to work on a Monday”

Let me go Please

“Me Sunday

Monday me Sunday”

We never get a choice

“Monday is like that person who showed up to your party uninvited. 

Like – You’ll allow it, but honestly…

How rude.”

Mother is troubled

“When it’s Monday and your kids wake up early after going to bed late.

Everything hurts and I’m dying”

The picture speaks for itself,498&quality=82&strip=all

“Monday Lisa”

What do you mean Monday isn’t a week?,313&quality=82&strip=all

“ ‘It’s been a long week’

-me, in the middle of Monday”

This just doesn’t add up

“Why is Monday so far from Monday, 

Yet Friday is so close to Monday”


“One day in mercury lasts 1408 hours approximately.

The same as one Monday on Earth.”

Just to be clear, its sarcasm

“Yay, its Monday”

The sadness in his tone says it all

“Gentlemen, it is with great sadness to inform you that 

Tomorrow is Monday”

These are confusing times

“Not sure if it’s the end of the world or just Monday”

Monday is plain cruel

“When you had a good weekend, and Monday walks up and…”

Go and stay away Monday

“Go away Monday

Pew pew pew”

I’m trying my best, I promise

“Trying to stay positive on Monday”

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