The Must Have Kitchen Appliances for Indian Homes

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The various innovations and advancements in technology have made life better in all aspects of life. This includes the improvement in efficiency in the kitchen. Many new products have come into the life of the common people to make their time in the kitchen much easier and efficient while retaining the quality of the food that is cooked. At times even improving the quality of the food.

Which are the essential kitchen appliances for Indian Homes?

Here is an non-exhaustive list of what we consider a necessity in the modern kitchen for every Indian home.

  • Gas Stove

Cooking needs heat and the easiest way to provide heat is through fire. This is where The traditional gas stove shows its essential nature. It comes in a range of 2, 3 or even 4 burner stoves available in all budget ranges depending on your needs.

The gas stove has many benefits as it provides for immediate and direct change in the amount of heat you wish to use in the cooking of the food. 

The gas stove has one main advantage over the new induction cooktop and that is it can be used even when there is no electricity and the immediate heat change is also a plus over the induction cooktop.

  • Induction cooktop

Gas stoves are now considered the thing of the past and induction cooktop seems to be taking over them. The simple reason for this switch as these are very energy efficient and also very cost effective as compared to a traditional gas stove.

Induction cooktops are much more environmentally friendly while also providing for a much faster cooking experience because of its specialistic design.

Induction cooktops are much safer than a traditional gas stove that is literally churning out flames and has a running gas line which can be really dangerous even with a minor leak.

  • Hand Blenders

For quick, easy and mess free blending a hand blender is recommended. The best blenders even come with blades so sharp you can even use them to chop down veggies and fruits. A noise free and a very portable design helps it be the best choice for any home.

  • Wet Grinder 

Making chutneys and batters is only made easy if you have a wet grinder with you. The wet grinder is so well made that it can break down the toughest of ingredients with little to no effort.

A wet grinder will ensure you consistent grinding every time and almost no maintenance is needed to keep them running. The modern wet grinders even come with various safety features making it near impossible for you to get hurt or to even make a mess while using the grinder.

  • Juicer 

Juice is always a part of a healthy lifestyle. To make that healthy lifestyle a bit easier a juicer also needs to be part of your life. A quick and easy way to make not only juices but also all types of smoothies and chutneys etc without much hassle or extra cleanup.

A juicer is very much comparable to a wet grinder only difference being the juicer primary function is to blend juices.

  • Electric Pressure Cooker

We all know how much time consuming cooking rice, soup or meat can be. It is made easy and way more efficient by an electric pressure cooker. The modern electric pressure cookers come with specific modes which are programmed to cook that particular item. This makes the cooking precise, hassle free and completely safe.

The scorching steam produced by this cooker tends to enhance the flavor of anything you cook in it. The steam also tends to get rid of any extra fat from the food giving a healthier food alternative.

  • Coffee maker

Gone are the days where brewing a perfect coffee takes hours. For all those coffee lovers out there, we suggest investing in a coffee maker. This investment will get you the perfect brew according to your taste in mere minutes. It will also allow you to experiment with other types of brews with ease.

With your very own coffee maker you won’t have to go to a coffee shop to get a great brewed coffee which will save you a lot of money in the long run. The quality will be maintained no matter how many uses you put it through.

  • Food Processor

A versatile product with way too many applications to count is a food processor. Using a food processor you can make anything from a dough to a sauce with ease and quickly. These are also very easy to clean and tend to cut down cooking time drastically.

Food processors are very powerful devices. It can easily chop several ingredients in mere seconds. It can also easily break down the hardest of ingredients in seconds like chicken or fish. Many processors even come with many blade attachments for your various needs.

  • Sandwich maker

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich as a breakfast option. That love quickly fades if it isn’t cooked evenly from both sides though. To solve this problem a sandwich maker shall be your companion. 

A compact design and easy to use design makes it an obvious appliance to recommend.

It will ensure an evenly cooked sandwich from both sides each time with a uniform texture. Some sandwich makers even come with a grill function for those who crave a grilled sandwich.

  • Air fryer

A healthy alternative to fried food which is soaked in oil is to use an air fryer which uses little to no oil to give a fried experience. Since this lacks oil, it has way less fat and calories which is perfect for the health conscious customers. Air frying is much safer than oil frying since there is no scorching oil that can damage your skin. Its compact design also makes it easy to store.

  • Microwave oven

For those leftover lovers or who tends to reheat their food a microwave oven is a must. Microwaves are not only excellent in heating your food but can even be used to cook food, defrost it or maintain its temperature.

The new ovens even come with an auto cook option to make your life easier and much more efficient. The food prepared in this auto cook does tend to taste really good as well making it a reliable option. They are super easy to clean while also being energy efficient.

That’s all the appliances we believe a modern kitchen in India should have. Now coming over to the necessary cookware and utensils which are needed to go with this modern kitchen.

Cookware to accompany your appliances

Here is a small list of cookware that are also essential in an Indian Kitchen.

  • Saucepan

It’s a versatile option for quickly heating food while also reducing the sauce to make the food even more rich.

  • Frying Pan

Nobody wants their food to get stuck to the cookware. Hence a frying pan is a non-stick option to fry different types of food.

  • Pressure cooker

To get that enhanced smokey flavor a pressure cooker will be needed. Pressurized cooking also reduces cooking time considerably.

  • Kadai

For the lovers of Indian snacks, a kadai is an important cookware to deep fry your favorite food properly. These are also non-stick so they don’t let anything stick to the bottom.

  • Dinner Sets

After cooking a delicious meal by using the products mentioned above. The last step is a good representation. It is possible only with a proper dinner set as nobody likes to see an incomplete set. A good dinner set will not only look good but will also prevent bacteria formation.


Cooking is an important part of every home. To make the cooking experience soothing and less time consuming while not compromising with the quality of the food, this was the list of our recommendations as to what a kitchen must have. 

Please note that this in no way is an exhaustive list and a lot can be added to it. Your daily needs will dictate what your kitchen needs. But this is our opinion on what a kitchen must have in general.

There are a lot of companies competing in each of the products mentioned above so feel free to explore your options on your own. But keep in mind that what we have mentioned are the features that each of those products must have to make that product valuable to you.

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Written by Rita Devi

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