Hypothetical questions

hypothetical questions
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Hypothetical questions are very interesting as they are not facts but presuppositions. It is very funny to find out the other person’s thoughts and their imaginations. They are extremely thought provoking and creative and funny. Hypothetical questions also discloses beliefs about imagined situations that don’t exist in reality. In Hypothetical questions even the sky is not your limit to imagine and often the answer is not at all expected and is absolutely original. It is an excellent way to ignite the flame in any conversation and it can also be a very good game to kill the time. Following is the list of Hypothetical Questions that you may ask anyone.

List of Hypothetical Questions

  1. If you had only one day to live, what would you do?
  2. If you had a time machine, whom would you meet from the past?
  3. What would you do if you had a cloak of invisibility?
  4. What would you do if you are staying alone at your house at night and hear some voice all of a sudden ?
  5. How would you design your own perfect planet?
  6. If you were a bird for a day, where would you go?
  7. One fine morning you wake up and you find yourself in a complete different place, what would be the first thing you would do?
  8. If you were the president of USA, what new laws would you make?
  9. If you could eradicate to make one human emotion vanish, what would that be?
  10. If everyone lost the capability to lie, how would the world change then?
  11. If you could spend a whole day with any celebrity, who would that be?
  12. If you could make any person immortal in your life, who would that be?
  13. If you could have any unlimited membership of any one thing, what would that be?
  14. If you could go back in past and could apologize for any argument with anyone, which argument would you choose?
  15. How much extra hours would you add to the day to complete your work?
  16. If you could have an entire day to live as any animal, which animal would that be?
  17. If someone left an apartment for you in any country, which country would that be?
  18. If you could talk to any inanimate object, which object would that be?
  19. If you could become a ghost for one day, whom would you haunt?
  20. How would the world be if everyone’s thoughts were spoken out loud?
  21. If you could bring back one extinct animal, which animal would that be?
  22. What one work from your daily life, do you want to be done automatically?
  23. What one thing you would like to change in the society you live in?
  24. If you could explore any animal’s mind, which animal would it be?
  25. If you could manage or control one element, which element would that be?
  26. If you were chosen to be the first human to visit the parallel universe, would you?
  27. From whom do you wish to get text messages everyday?
  28. If you could create your zoo, which animals would you keep in it?
  29. If you were a pharaoh from the Egyptian civilization, how would you like to design your own tomb?
  30. If you could go back to the time when you were fifteen years, which one thing would you change about yourself?
  31. What would you do if you win a million dollar lottery?
  32. What one thing do you wish to forget about yourself?
  33. If your boss asks you to follow an order that is against your moral values, would you do that?
  34. Which wizard do you wish to be in Harry Potter?
  35. What would you impose any one order on your countrymen as a King or Queen, what would that be?
  36. What one subject would you teach in school?
  37. If you could own any one social media platform and change one thing about it, what would that be?
  38. If could own a factory of anything, what would that be?
  39. What one evolution would you like to bring in human’s body?
  40. Which one detective would you have to inspect your cases?
  41. If you could make one fictional character real, who would that be?
  42. If you could ask one question to the almighty, what would you ask?
  43. If you could bring back one old tradition from your culture what would that be?
  44. What superman power do you wish to have?
  45. If you had your last meal, what would you want to eat?
  46. What would be the theme if you write a book?
  47. If you could promote a product in any advertisement , which product would it be?
  48. Which flower would you be if you could be any?
  49. If you could opt to born as any famous personality, who would that be?
  50. If you could control your dreams, what dream would you see next?
  51. Do you think that the world would be different if all the land across the globe were connected?
  52. If you could bring back any one historical leader in the current scenario, who would that be?
  53. Which fictional character would you wish to date?
  54. Whom would you call first if you were kidnapped?
  55. If you could change one aspect of any educational institution, what would that be?

These are the 55 hypothetical questions which are very interesting to ask someone and know their answers. The answers would be very unexpected and can even surprise you to a great extent. But this is a great way to broaden your imagination. Hypothetical questions doesn’t have any boundaries, it can be literally anything and everything. So let not anything stop your imagination in asking and answering hypothetical questions. You can add any aspect to your question like that of from the past, present , future, space, technology, nature and many other such things.

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