How to overcome Jealousy: Avoid 7 things

How to not be Jealous
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Healthy personal relationships bring friendship, laughter, and passion to both partners’ lives, making them one of life’s greatest pleasures. When you have a trusting relationship, it acts as a lifeboat, anchor, and sail, keeping you floating, safe, and fulfilled. When envy erodes your partner’s trust and respect, the relationship becomes a burden that stifles personal growth.

Understanding how to avoid being jealous in a relationship is essential to maintaining a happy partnership. You can work on yourself to curb envy and develop a meaningful partnership, regardless of what baggage the other person brings to the table.

Why do I get jealous? 

You must first get a greater understanding of your own beliefs, attitudes, and emotions, and then learn to change them. Jealousy in relationships   lacks self-esteem. You project your insecurities onto your lover when you don’t believe in yourself or that you deserve your partner’s affection. These are limiting ideas — misconceptions about ourselves and our true natures that keep us from moving forward. 

Other concerns could be the source of your enmity. If your partner has betrayed your trust, you may become envious when they interact with someone of the other sex or go out with their pals. True, trust must be earned, but your jealousy is most often the result of insecurity triggered by your partner’s actions. But If you’re envious of your partner’s achievements, there may be an unhealthy element of competitiveness there that needs to be addressed.

How to avoid jealousy in a relationship? 

If you let jealousy continue unchecked, it will hurt your relationship. So, Get to the root of your envy and improve the dynamics of your relationship.

1. Be honest about the impact of jealousy

Be honest rather than pretending you aren’t jealous or that your jealousy isn’t a problem. Although it may be difficult to admit the issues that your envy is producing, take solace in the fact that you’re taking the first step toward a healthy relationship.

2. Make a list of your Feelings of inadequacy.

Looking at yourself is the first step in learning how to quit becoming a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend. What insecurities are fueling your envious feelings? Are you self-conscious about yourself because you’re a perfectionist? Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others? You’re not composing this list to make yourself feel bad about yourself; you’re acknowledging your part in the relationship.

3. Strive for your Identity.

Make a note of the insecurities that are causing your jealousy, and then write down an antidote for each one. Make a list of all the qualities your spouse admires in you if you’re living in the shadow of your partner’s ex.  You’ll be able to develop the self-confidence you need to overcome envy if you give yourself space from thoughts of inferiority.

4. Think about where your  insecurities come from? 

Get the help you need if you’re dealing with jealousy as a result of an unsolved issue such as a childhood trauma or addiction. You may turn your challenges into sources of strength with the correct help.

5. Tell your better half the truth

Most likely, your partner is also a part of the problem. You’re appreciating your contribution while also holding your partner accountable – and providing them the chance to assist you as you work toward a solution – when you use effective communication.

6. Build Health Various Skills.

If you don’t have healthier ways to relate, it might be difficult to let go of envy in relationships. It’s up to you to manage the source of your jealousy if your partner isn’t providing you a reason to be suspicious or jealous. Recognize that you don’t require jealousy; you’ve simply grown accustomed to it. Self-care is important for your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

7. The ultimate relationship program is now available

We frequently feel like we have no control over jealousy because it is such a deep-seated emotion. So, where should you begin? The trick is to consider your connection as a whole. Jealousy is merely a symptom of a deeper problem.  The Ultimate Relationship Program will take you back to the beginning, teaching you about polarity and the Six Human Needs, which are the foundations of all romantic partnerships. Before looking outward at your relationship, you’ll glance inner at your own desires and limiting beliefs.

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