10 of the Easiest ways to annoy a Jealous Person

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Jealousy, by definition, means the feeling of an envious resentment towards someone or their achievements, possessions, or perceived advantages. You must have come across several people who are jealous of you but you never really knew the reason behind their jealousy. Treating them nicely is also never enough to get them rid of their jealousy. After a point, their jealousy can start to get on your nerves and you go online to find a way to deal with these jealous people and finally end up on this article. Here we have accumulated all the points on how to annoy a jealous person.

1. Doing what they are jealous of

Knowing what they get jealous of is the best as you can now do that same exact thing to annoy them even further, this time intentionally. It is the simplest and easiest way to annoy a jealous person since you are already good at doing whatever they are jealous of and likely enjoy that activity. Maybe even try to get better at whatever they are jealous of to annoy them even more than before.

2. Ignore them

You must have heard the saying, “ignorance is bliss”, this is truly the case as a jealous person always craves attention. They want your attention on them so they can prove, even with their stupidity, that they are better than you. Instead of entertaining their cravings, just ignore them. Doesn’t matter if you are in any gathering, meeting, or party with them, just ignore them to the best of your abilities, in a way that it feels like they don’t exist. This simple act will annoy them to the core. 

3. Befriend their friends

Friends are a backbone to almost everyone, so to annoy any person who is jealous of you, just enchant their friends in a way that they side with you and kinda steal them. It will be really frustrating and annoying for them to see you in their friend circle, without the person in the said circle. The cherry on top will be you talking about the jealous person with their friend circle and if you are fortunate, bad-mouthing them.

4. Be a total showoff

Figure out what the other person is jealous of then show it off as much as you can. Make sure that the jealous person notices it. For example, if your so-called “friend” is jealous of your boyfriend/girlfriend, make sure to give them each and every detail of your last date, don’t miss out on even the minute details, and just observe their face get filled with annoyance.

5. Be a complete Savage

Be savage with your replies, it is not a good trait but nor is being jealous so you can get a free pass here. Don’t respond to them with a straight face. When in public, make sure to mould your replies into savage ones which will make them a laughing stock. If they are mean to you in solitude, give them an even more savage reply so that they need a burnol for real after burning in jealousy.

6. Befriend them

If befriending their friends isn’t enough for them to get annoyed, why not try to befriend the jealous person directly? Let them into your circle so they can observe your lifestyle more closely and get even more annoyed and frustrated in their jealousy towards you. It will be one of the most fun experiences of your life if executed properly.

7. Crop Them out (not of your life, but your photos)

The jealous person is already a part of your circle? Then this way of annoying them is perfect for you. Whenever you take a group selfie with your whole squad (the jealous person) included, before posting it on social media, simply crop them out. Tag all the members on your post except for them. This small act is enough to annoy any person, especially a person who is jealous of you.

8. Exclude them from everything

Another thing that you can do when the jealous person is a part of your friend circle is to invite all your friends for a get-together but leave the jealous person out. Have a wonderful time with your friends. Click a lot of photos showcasing the great time that you have had and then post them on your social media. The best part will be when you talk about this time out with your friends at a later time with the jealous person present with you.

9. Play Annoying practical jokes

This is the best way to pass time while also being entertained in the process. Make sure that the practical jokes are harmless as nobody likes to hurt others. While keeping that in mind, get as creative as you want.

10. Use their number as your own

How many times have you come across various organisations asking for your number for no reason other than to annoy you with their telemarketers? Too many to remember right? So instead of getting annoyed yourself, just give out the number of the person who is jealous of you instead of your own number and let them get spammed and annoyed by those telemarketers.

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