Group Name Ideas for Friends & Family

Group Name Ideas
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William Shakespeare once said, “What’s in a name?”. We say everything is hidden within something as basic as a name. You represent your group, but the name of the group represents you. That’s why it’s always worth taking a little bit of effort to choose a good and long-lasting name. This article exists to help you find the perfect name for your group. It contains a small guide to help you create your own name while also setting forth some examples for you to use or take inspiration from.

Group name ideas for Friends

To help you get a feel for how you should name a group, here are 80 examples for you to choose from. Don’t limit yourself to these words, let your imagination flow and use these as inspiration unless you really feel connected to a word. Then feel free to use it too.

Game of PhonesGirls Of Glory
Bro GangBirds of a Feather
Strong BongDumbledore’s Army
LGBT-CutiesLife of Pi-Charts
Grave DiggersWe Showed Up
Best Team NameMerMAID To Be Friends Forever
Wasted PotentialCrazy people
The Pretty CommitteeThe Chamber of Secrets
The Meme TeamBlack Knights
Sweet HeatThe Friendship Ship
Across BordersRising Stars
Hungry WolvesLucky Charms
RedhawksAwesome Blossoms
Recycle BinHawk Insights
MonarchsAmazing Pals
Mitochondria is the Powerhouse of the CellOpen to group name ideas
Multiple directionsSQUAAAAAAAAAAD
DelinquentsDemolition Crew
Crafty CrewSavage and Average
Mediocrity At Its BestThe Pokédex
Error 404! Not FoundNon-Stop Notifications
ChameleonsBig Cajones
The Bro CodeThe Crew
Notification spammersQuicksilvers
NirvanaThe Grow code
StampedersThe Creators Collective
8th Wonders of WorldThe Brain Cells
Daring DinosaursPuppet Masters
Cereal Killers50 Shades of Age
Collision CourseMen on a Mission
We TriedEnter Team Name Here
Cold ShotsMinimum Wagers
RenegadesScreaming Eagles
KingsmenGoal Diggers
The unwillingGolden Eagles
Sweet KidneysWizards
ZombiesCold fish
Unicorns without hornsRed Dragons

How to name your group?

Naming a group is an art and you should be its artist. Aim for a Mona Lisa to at least achieve its third last copy. There are some very basic things you need to keep in mind to get a Mona Lisa and they are given as under.

Use Puns

Everybody loves puns, especially when those puns have hidden meaning only your group can understand. Use them to your advantage and in your group name.

Identify yourself

Figure out what your group is like. You know your identity, time to find out your team’s identity before naming it. Is your group aggressive or passive? Where do you need to use the group name? These all play a major role in your group naming scheme. 

Find a theme

Find something common between your members. It can be anything and can be used in your group name to make the name feel more personal for all of you. Finding the common link will make naming easier.

Narrow it down

After brainstorming various group name ideas for a while you will get many names but only one can be chosen. Now work on narrowing down your choice by taking one name at a time and getting some feedback from all the members of the group. Or to avoid any hassle, just put all the names in a bowl, juggle it around, pick one, and voila!! You’ve got your group a name. A good one at that.

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