10 Games to keep you entertained even on WhatsApp

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How often have you felt that your conversations on whatsapp with your friends or family members have started to get bland but you have no idea what to do to make it better? The best way to make your conversations more engaging and entertaining is to play games. One would think that the number of games playable on social media is pretty limited but they are very wrong. The number of enjoyable games on WhatsApp are endless so we have gone through most of them and are now bringing to you, 10 of the best games to keep you entertained on WhatsApp.

1. Rapid-Fire

Rapid-fire, as the name suggests, is a game with rapid responses. Type any random word and let the other one respond with the first thing that pops in their mind because of that word. The suddenness of this game allows for some hilarious responses. Shocking responses are also a common thing so stay prepared to have a great time with this game and try to be cheeky with your choice of words. This game is best played in personal chat but is manageable for groups as well.

2. Emoticonal-Atyachaar (Guess the word with Emoticons)

This game calls out the creativity of your group and is very simple. Emoticons are used so that they form a word and that set of emoticons is sent to your WhatsApp group. Everybody tries to decode words that hide within those emoticons. Even though their guesses might not be right, they are definitely hilarious. It’s a fun and engaging game which can be played with anyone.

3. Riddles

The all time classic and that too for a reason. Riddles will never fail to entertain us or get too old for anyone to play. Mostly logical but sometimes silly too, these riddles are a good way to train your brain while you are having some fun with your friends or family. 

Some examples of riddles are – 

Riddle: What month of the year has 28 days?
Answer: All of them

Riddle: What goes up but never comes down?
Answer: Your age

One riddle for you to ponder on yourself

Riddle: What question can you never answer yes to?

4. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is the best game to churn out some great secrets out of your friends or to get them to do some embarrassing things that you always wanted. But be careful as the same can be done to you. This has been a go to game for many for years now and will continue to be so.

The rules of the game dictates that a person has to choose either Truth or Dare. When you choose truth, you will have to answer any question that is asked with complete honesty. When you choose to dare, you will have to complete any task given to you by your fellow participants.

5. Sher-O-Shayari

We all have a shayar inside of us, we just keep it under hiding. It’s time to let it out and make up some memorable shayaris. Just start by writing a random shayari like

Dass rupaye ki ek sawari,
Chahe halki ho ya bhari,
Dheere chalegi, nahi thukegi
Hawa lagegi pyari pyari.

Then let others try and rhyme on the same rhyme scheme. The game may sound tough but it only takes a few minutes to get in the flow, then a few more to burst into a fit of laughter. You are not likely to get great shayaris out of this endeavour but you are ensured some of the most absurd yet hilarious shayaris. This game will also let you take a look inside the brain of your friends and how they think.

6. Kiss, Marry, Kill

Most of you already know about this one. It’s a game where you make a choice and your friends judge and question your choice. These explanations are always way better than the choices. You are provided with a list of three people, you have to choose one to kiss, one to marry, and one to kill. Don’t be a party pooper and choose one option for all the three people, keep it interesting and different. 

7. Never have I ever

A simple but one of the most fun games, which can easily bring out a lot of secrets in the WhatsApp group. You make a statement with never have I ever as a prefix and end it with anything which you haven’t done yet. Others will say if they have or have not done it yet. Keep your statements interesting and clever to keep the responses more shocking and hilarious.

8. The Meme game

This game is even more fun than it sounds. Everybody loves memes, so why not let them slide into your group chats as well? Try and have a whole conversation by just using memes, soon it will reach a point that each meme will just keep on making you laugh harder than the last one. An easy game with no rules, just pure joy and is a must try.

9. Gun to Your Head

An easy game just like rapid fire but with the stakes much higher and a little bit more time. The rule is simple: You have to ask your friend what they would do if they had a gun to your head. But for the clever and brave, there is another rule that you cannot attack the attacker and must answer the question.

For example: Gun to your head, Who in this chat group do you have a crush on?

10. The Weird game

This game is aptly named for how weird yet fun it is to play. This game is a questioning game with an interesting twist. All the answers are pre-selected and can be as weird as you want. Before beginning the game, you all choose a set of 4-5 to 5 random words and can only use these to answer all the questions. Keep your chosen words as weird as possible and be creative with the questions to squeeze out the complete joy from this game.

For example: Words chosen are – Snape, beer, refrigerator, and night

Question – Who do you wanna have a one-night stand with?
Answer – Snape.

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