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date ideas
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Are you struggling with some good date ideas? Then you have nothing to worry about as we are here with some amazing date ideas. A good date is something very memorable specially when that person is very close to your heart. It is not only a romantic outing bit is something that is filled with joy, fun and many more exciting things. Just remember that it is everyone is different, so you better choose it in the write way. Conventional dates are very mainstream nowadays, why not look for something unconventional? Let’s discover a wide range of options for a date.

List of date ideas:

  1. Fun date ideas
  2. Unique date ideas
  3. First date ideas
  4. Second date ideas
  5. Cheap date ideas
  6. Free date ideas
  7. Cute date ideas
  8. Romantic date ideas
  9. Winter date ideas
  10. Double date ideas

Fun date ideas

  • Explore bookstores together.

If both of you are bookworms, then nothing can be as beautiful as exploring bookstores together. You can simply go to a library, let the other person choose a book for you. You two can  get lost in the books. It will be one of the best day to remember for both of you.

  • Go to a instrument shop.

Go to any musical or instrument shop. Explore the various instruments. Nothing connects two person more than music. Maybe you can impress your date by playing something.

  • Go to any food festival.

Food is another great way to connect two people. You can find out your date’s choice in food and feed them with it. How wonderful it would be to fall in love over food!

  • Go to swimming together.

As mentioned earlier, unconventional dates are always best! Imagine swimming with your date and having a fun time. Any activity becomes way more enjoyable when spend with the right person.

  • A museum date.

How amazing it would be to explore a museum together. Getting to know new facts, exploring history and also understanding many pictures and statues together is wholesome.

  • Exploring antique shops together.

This is one of the most unique ideas as a date. Imagine buying old pictures together and restoring old furniture. There is a lot to share and talk about if both od you are interested in history.

  • Cook together.

Sharing recipes,  sharing little cooking hacks are something very memorable. You both end up cooking something and then sharing the dish together. While cooking you can ask each other a series of questions.

  • Take a bakery tour.

Why not go a bit out of the box? A bakery shop, full of delicious aroma of freshly baked cakes and pastries. Sounds very tasty already isn’t it? Imagine having a tour with your date and get to taste and see the processing of such an ecstasy.

  • Take a boat in the riverside.

Long drives are good but how about a drive on the water with an open sky above and ducks around? It will be amazing  and surely both of you can get good pictures together.

  •  Explore different streets together.

Exploring new paths and streets together, getting lost at times is something extremely adventurous. Expect a lot of fun and crazy memories in this.

  •  Find haunted places in your local area.

Sounds funny isn’t it? But it is doubtful how many couple would go for this. The areas around just have done haunted history, so why not explore them together and turn it into a date?

  •  Go to any sports game.

A sports game means any sort of sport. This is one of the most adventurous option to go out with your date.

  • Go to couple yoga classes.

There are many yoga classes happening across different places. Why not go to a couple yoga class together and attend classes together? This will make you two extremely close and make your bond stronger.

  •  Go to dance lessons.

Why not go to dance classes together? It would be extremely fun. Make mistakes together, twist your legs and surely you two would have a good time together.

  • Do bungee jumping and sky diving.

Now this one is a it expensive bit surely you two would enjoy this a lot.

Here is the list of random date ideas.

Following are some few other ideas you can go for.

  1. Go to various exhibitions happening around
  2. Do campfire together
  3. Do grocery shopping together
  4. Go through your childhood photographs together
  5. Volunteer to any NGO
  6. Binge watch any web series together
  7. Fly kites together
  8. Visit water park
  9. Visit various botanical gardens
  10. Go to live concerts
  11. Make your own pizza with various toppings
  12. Go to an arcade and challenge your date
  13. Go to thrift stores
  14. Make your own Playlist
  15. Listen to horror stories together
  16. Make funny videos
  17. Visit a dog shop
  18. Watch various street plays
  19. Do some gardening
  20. Watch sunrise together
  21. Explore city’s heritage
  22. Street food expedition
  23. Cycling together
  24. Visit an aquarium
  25. Try out various adventurous rides
  26. Go to fairs together
  27. Painting pictures together
  28. Making different models with clay
  29. Planting trees together
  30. Solving mathematics together
  31. Discussing current affairs
  32. Solving puzzles
  33. Playing cards together
  34. A session of paintball
  35. Make snowman or sand castle
  36. Go to bowling  together
  37. Have a spa date together
  38. Go to golfing
  39. Do rock climbing
  40. Do skating together
  41. Have a picnic day together

These are the various date ideas. A date idea can be anything random starting from going to park together to cooking a meal together. You two just have to enjoy a lot in the process. A date is more about sharing, spending quality time together and getting to know each other other and build a very strong connection. You will learn numerous thing along the process. A date is one of the most thing so make it a memorable one. But do keep in mind about the other person’s comfort level as well and respect their choice of dates as well.

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