Happy Chocolate Day 2022: Traditions, Importance & Gift Ideas for Couples

chocolate day quotes and gift Ideas
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Valentine’s week is a festival of romance. Lovers all around the world celebrate their love for each other during this week. Chocolate day is celebrated on the 3rd day (9th February) of Valentine’s week. Chocolate day cherishes the sweetness of love. By gifting your special person their favorite chocolate on this day, you add sweetness to your relationship and show your loved ones how much you cherish them. In this article you will not only learn the history and traditions of the day but how to gift your loved ones to make the day even more special.

History & Traditions:

Valentine’s day or The feast of Valentine is a Christian Feast day with its root in Pagan culture. Pope Gelasius established Valentine’s day in 496 AD to be celebrated on 14th February in the honor of Saint Valentine who died in 269 AD. Countries all around the world celebrate this romantic week with their own traditions that reflect their culture.

France – Land of Romance

The epicenter of love is associated with the origin of the famous Valentine’s card. The Duke of Orleans, sent love letters to his wife from prison in the early 1400s, and ever since then, this has been a tradition not only in France but all around the world.

Japan – Women first

In Japan, things are done differently. Women make the first move. Men can only return the favour on March 14, White Day. Women gift two kinds of chocolate to their lovers. Giri-choc, the common kind is gifted to friends and male coworkers. Honmei-choco, homemade choco is gifted to express their feelings to a lover.

Philippines – Group Wedding

Valentine’s day is a gala event in the Philippines. Couples marry in huge numbers in a public event sponsored by the government.

Ghana – National Chocolate Day

The government of Ghana declared Valentine’s day as National Chocolate Day to increase tourism. Ghana is one of the leading manufacturers of cocoa in the world.

Gifting Ideas


Chocolates are considered as aphrodite- a symbol of love and intimacy. You can gift chocolates to men and women regardless of their age. There are a wide array of chocolates that you can gift so it is important to know the exact kind that your special person likes.

Chocolate infused skincare: 

The amazing benefits chocolate has on hyper-pigmentation make it a favorite ingredient among skincare brands. You can gift chocolate face wash, face masks, etc to make this day special.

Baking Class:

You can take it up a notch and make the gift an experience by going to a baking class with your loved one. This is a popular activity among young couples.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, Valentine’s week is an opportunity to express your care and gratitude for your loved ones. So make it special and have some fun on this wonderful day.

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