50 Boy Name Ideas Inspired by the Sun, Moon & Stars

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Why names are Important? Our names are really important as they represent our Identity. They carry personal, deep, cultural, familiar and historical connections. They also give a detail about the place we belong to, community and sometimes also influences a person’s character. It’s makes you unique in a crowd of people. 

We also seek to name our kids something that is bright and positive, mostly likely associated Sun. Names are really influential and naming your child something that is associated with a bright and positive element could be the one you’re searching for. Also, before naming a baby you should check that their zodiac sign match with the name’s initial. It’s not false or orthodox but a step to design a person’s character. 

If you’re naming your Child a name which is associated with keywords like Sun, Bright and Sunlight so, it’s important to check that the initial matches with their birth zodiac sign. Not just a person’s character gets influenced but name’s can influence their future too. You can name your child according to their gender (unisex name is also good), religion, country, cultural and personal connection. As all these factors are important to identify a person’s background (like….country, family etc)

Name should be powerful to hear and should sound good with surname and middle name. It’s not always important to name a child something unique. According to a study by Marquette University, it’s proven that people with common names have more chances than the one with unique names to get a job or getting hired. 

It’s also said that our name doesn’t only affects our Job, income, life, residence but also our mates. According to Bible, “ And in the process of dedicating a child to God, you must give him or her a name. NAME, whether of living or non-living things, is a form of identification; and it has a divine origin. This is evident from the account of creation in Genesis 1 and 2.” Also in a quote associated with Bible, “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, loving favor rather than silver and gold.” Also a key point naming a child should be remembered as a names should be kept as people feel worth knowing them.

Here’s a list of names of Baby Boys meaning Sun, Bright, Sunlight

AdityaIndian name of Sun
AeliusRoman Name of Sun
AftabAfrican Name of Sun
AgimAlbanian Name of Sun
BhaskarSanskrit name of Sun
CyrusPersian name of the sun
DivakarSanskrit name of the sun
IshaanIndian name of Sun
SuvanSanskrit name of Sun
SamsonBiblical name of Sun
SolScientific name of sun
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