10 Songs Dedicated to or Describing the Beauty of a Girl

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Songs are the easiest way to convey one’s emotions and this has been true from time immemorial. It’s the loveliest, and hence the best way to express your feelings for someone. Songs, no matter their age, have never failed to give some of the greatest lyrics. So, here we are bringing you 10 songs that you can dedicate to any female in your life, to appreciate their existence in your life and to make them smile.

Tere mast mast nain

Movie: Dabangg

If you want to compliment a girl, just sing this song. The singer talks about how his heart’s peace is gone by the girl’s charming eyes. The song focuses mainly on her eyes and how the boy is unable to take his eyes away from her and just keeps looking at her from dusk till dawn. This song will definitely make the girl you like to smile and as a result, you will smile too.

Main agar kahoon

Movie: Om Shanti Om

The guy in the song shares his dilemma that he lost himself in finding her and later announces that there is nobody as beautiful as that girl in the whole universe. He exclaims how he is speechless by her beauty and is confused about how to properly adore her. These lyrics can flutter any girl’s heart. It’s the perfect song for a boy to sing for his girlfriend to tell her how unique and beautiful she is, especially on her special day but this song is perfect for any moment.


Movie: City lights 

The song conveys to the girl, you are the reason for my smile, you are the reason for my humming, and everything in between. What could be more promising than that? Being your reason to smile is everything a girl wants and more. The melody along with these heartfelt lyrics is soothing and unbelievably relaxing. The comforting voice of Arijit Singh makes the song even better and does proper justice to the sheer brilliance of the lyrics and melody.

Chaudhvin Ka Chand

Movie: Chaudhvin ka chand

This masterpiece sung by the legendary Mohammed Rafi is a song dripping with love. This song has one of the most romantic lyrics in the history of love songs. It goes into great depth in comparing the girl’s beauty to the other beauties that are scattered all over the universe. The song compares her beauty with the moon, the sun, the clouds, and many more and exclaims just how beautiful the girl really is. This song will definitely enchant your girl and make her fall in love with those rhythms while you both will already get mesmerised by the voice of Rafi Sahab. It is one of the best songs that can be dedicated to a girl in Hindi.

Bholi si surat

Movie: Dil toh pagal hai.

“Bholi si surat” which means innocent face, perfectly describes how a boy is fascinated by the combination of a girl’s innocent face and her mischievous eyes. The song talks about her being mischievous yet shy, being beautiful yet hiding behind a piece of cloth. The singer describes how his point of view toward the girl is all that matters and through his eyes, she is the best in the world. This is one of those Hindi songs you can dedicate to a female friend as every friend is only innocent by face and we know how they really are.

Tum hi ho

Movie: Aashiqui 2

Every song from the movie “Aashiqui 2” is a romantic masterpiece. These songs have long been the go-to song for every lover. This song, “tum hi ho” is one of those go-to love songs.  Its intense lyrics, jaw-dropping music and Arijit Singh’s mesmerising voice made it the most romantic song of that time. The song details out how your girl is the only one there is for you and how no one else can ever take her place. It exclaims that without her, you are nothing and that she is your everything, showcasing her importance in your life and your adoration and love for her. This song can really easily abduct your girl’s heart.

Tu hi meri shab hai

Movie: Gangster: A Love Story

With the beautiful voice of KK ( Krishnakumar Kunnath ), this song focuses simply on the girl as the guy tells her that she is his evening, morning, and the whole world. These beautiful lyrics intermixed with the intoxicating melody of the songs will ensure to impress your girlfriend. It will make her feel special and important, like the way you want her to feel, like the way she makes you feel. This song is pretty similar to “Tum hi ho” concept-wise, but the tone of the music is much different and hence both of these songs manage to stand out independently and shine.

Mere sapno ki rani

Movie: Aradhana

This evergreen song, sung by legendary Kishore Kumar is one of the best Bollywood songs for girls. It’s a perfect song that asks a simple question to the girl, how long are you gonna stay in my dream? When will you be my reality? The singer urges for the girl to come into his life as she is all that he wants in his life. It’s the perfect song to dedicate to your crush as its lyrics are indicating how a boy thinks of her as his dream girl. It will surely impress your crush.

Aankhon se batana


This song beautifully describes the moments of silent love. How at times when you can’t talk, your small gesture can mean a lot. Even though they may have a thousand meanings, the boy will always understand what you wanna convey to him. This song has been going viral on social media sites these days and is one of the most popular options for Hindi songs for Instagram stories for girls. With any of her photos, play this song in the background and see how it makes her smile. With the innocent touch in its lyrics, this song ensures to steal your girl’s heart. 

Dil toh bachcha hai

Movie: Ishqiya.

In the voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Ji, these lyrics sound even more beautiful. Here the guy in the song is saying that his eyes got entangled with her in this way that now he can’t look away from her. The whole theme of the song is “Dil toh bachcha hai ji” which means the heart is still naive. Though the guy is getting older, his heart is still naive and young, and can fall in love! So if you are old and you want to dedicate a song to the girl of your life then no song is better than this!

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