Essential Grooming products for Men and Women

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Personal care has been on the rise for quite a long time now. It can be for a variety of reasons but that’s not important. What’s important are the products you use for your personal care. To provide you with the necessary products here is our list of essential products every man and woman need to provide for the best care to themselves


A great alternative to waxing with even better results. An Epilator is a mechanical hair removal device. These are different from a trimmer or shaver as they mainly work for the removal of cells from the epithelium of the epidermis.

It has multiple speed settings to suit your body. It comes with a lot of attachments, each attachment making sure all your epilating needs are being fulfilled. Epilators work well on both dry or wet skin. Either way it won’t cause you any unnecessary problems.

Epilating provides for a more long-lasting and smooth experience. Best part is that they are not as painful as waxing.


To control the growth of your beard without clean shaving, trimming is the best option for you. Only a good trimmer can help you with the proper maintenance and give you the clean cuts that you desire. They come with many blades sizes for you to change according to your needs. 

A trimmer can not only help in trimming your beard but also around the ear, eyebrow hair and also other areas. They come with a non-slip grip design for better control over the trimming.

Battery powered or chargeable trimmers are very travel friendly and you can take them anywhere, they last very long as well because of their durable nature.

Hair straightener

For people who have natural but uneven curls, hair straighteners can be a life saver. They easily provide for the sleek appearance that you are looking for. It works well for both males and females without any issues.

As time has passed, hair straighteners have just gotten even safer with the modern one being set up with a heating limit so that the temperature doesn’t exceed the safe limits. The adequate heat makes sure to give you the smooth hair you’re looking for.

These even come with a design which does not let the heat radiate out and ensures that your hands don’t get burned when you are using the product. Still you’ll be handling something that works on high temperatures so caution is recommended.

They are lightweight and easy to use making them travel friendly and a useful product to use on a daily basis. They also don’t damage the root of the hair while also making the hair look longer. This is because the curls make the hair look shorter because of the turns, but straightening them up quickly gives a different perspective.

Electric Shaver

For getting rid of body hair, shaving is the most preferable option especially for men. Using a traditional shaver causes severe irritation and at times even cuts. They are pretty dangerous tools and a person needs to be very cautious while using a traditional shaver. 

The better alternative is an electric shaver. These are much more safer than a traditional blade while ensuring a clean shave as close to a traditional shaver. They provide for a smooth skin at a much faster pace. Even though these are electric still they work well in both wet and dry conditions.

They are very compact in size and easy to hold compared to the traditional shaver. Easy to travel with and even more easy to use on a regular basis.

Shaving Cream

A shaver must always be accompanied with a shaving cream to provide a hassle free shave. Shaving creams are a better alternative than water as shaving creams are a blend of oils and soap, hence are much more effective in smoothening your hair to ensure a smooth and irritation free shave.


Every shaving session must end by applying an after shave lotion. They help in disinfecting and hydrating the skin after a shave. This is necessary after every shave to protect your skin from problems like redness, infections, itching etc.

Hair Dryer

A quick and easy way to dry your hair all while setting them up for your day is to use a hair dryer. They help in avoiding the hair from getting hard and frizzy with their steady stream. This steady stream is stuck at a constant temperature which isn’t too hot so as to damage your hair while still ensuring a quick drying experience. They even ensure the safety of your scalps.

Hair dryers can save a lot of time everyday especially for those who have thick or long hairs which take a lot of time to dry naturally. Hair dryers now even come in a foldable design for compact storage and allowing for easy traveling.


Another way to avoid hard and frizzy hair is to apply some oil on your hair daily after a shower. Everybody remembers to apply shampoo and conditioner during their shower when it comes to hair care, but most of you skip oiling your hair which should be the highest priority. Oil should be applied on beard hair as well to maintain a good beard. Choose the oil which suits your hair.


Going out on a sunny day? Don’t forget to apply some sunscreen before you go. A sunscreen prevents the harmful rays of the sun from affecting your body. It also helps in avoiding tan.


Antiperspirant as the name suggests reduces the amount you sweat. This directly reduces the bad odor emitted when you sweat. This also helps in reducing the itching and irritation which is caused when someone sweats profusely. This provides for a more hygienic experience.

Face wash

A quick and easy way to clean your face from all types of oil and dirt while also hydrating is to use a face wash. Soap is NOT an alternative to a face wash as a face wash is specially developed for the face so only a face wash can give the desired results without damaging the skin.

Lip Balm

For dry lips, lip balm is a necessity and both men and women can use it. You can choose for a non-glossy and non-greasy lip balm to keep your lips perfectly moisturized though there are many more varieties to choose from.


Personal care can at times be a very time consuming task but the products mentioned in this article makes it much quicker and much safer. This article is filled with products which a person will need in his day to day life to ensure his or her perfect look and also a healthy body.

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