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Mosquitoes are really annoying insects. Even when they are not literally sucking on your blood they won’t let you be in peace by their buzzing right next to your ear. Not only these, mosquitoes are also carriers of some really deadly diseases such as Dengue and Malaria. Because of this, eradicating mosquitoes becomes a necessity in every home. For that we provide to you a list of the most effective products to make the mosquitoes in your house extinct.

Rellon Rechargeable Handheld Electric Fly Swatter

Our Top Pick

As the aforementioned comparison clearly illustrates, getting rid of mosquitoes is only effective when both a racket and a lamp are involved. Then how about something which can be both? That’s what Rellon Rechargeable fly swatter can do and that’s why we consider this to be the best product in the market. 


  • Can be used in manual mode or automatic mode by attaching it to the base that is provided with the product.
  • In automatic mode it works just like any other lamp with the 395 nm wavelength.
  • Three layer touch mesh.
  • Easy to clean
  • A 1200 mAh capacity battery which can be charged by any USB port.
  • This is more convenient and much more cost effective.

HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet

HIT is a very renowned and reliable brand for mosquito sprays and for other insect repellents. That same brand has now rolled out a mosquito racquet.


  • This racquet is made out of aircraft grade ABS plastic making it unbelievably durable and long lasting.
  • The manufacturer provides for a 6 month warranty.
  • The 3500V DC output ensures an instant kill.
  • It has a 400 mAh battery capacity which provides for upto a month of standby time and is rechargeable upto 200 times.
  • It has a very unique shape which provides for better coverage around the corner.
  • Inbuilt LED light to help in finding mosquitoes.
  • It also has an eco-friendly packaging which helps both you and the world.

Odomos Mosquito Killer Racquet

Odomos is another well known and reliable brand in the insect repellant industry and this is their racket.


  • It is a 100% made in India product.
  • It has the conventional oval shape but is bigger in size covering more area in a swing.
  • The odomos racquet also has 500mAh of battery capacity..
  • It’s 3500V DC discharge ensures a one touch kill.
  • It is made out of aircraft grade ABS plastic which makes it highly durable and long lasting.
  • Comes with an inbuilt light.


  •  Only a 20 day standby period.

Mr. Right Mosquito Racket

This racket is the perfect combination of protection and lethal product. Protective to you and lethal to the mosquitoes. 


  • It has a triple mesh that protects you from getting a power shock while delivering a 2500V DC voltage to the mosquito giving it no chance to survive. 
  • It even has an inbuilt LED light which can help you identify the mosquito even at dark places and this light can last for more than 20 hours on a single charge. 
  • It has a 400mAh battery which lets it stay on standby for upto a month on a single charge coupled with an inbuilt charging port which makes it more convenient to charge.
  • Provides for a 6 month warranty.

Oreva Mosquito Racket


  • This racket comes with a magic blue light to find mosquitoes anywhere.
  • It has a 400mAh capacity battery which lets it sit on standby for upto a month on a single charge.
  • It protects you with its 3 grill safety and two switch safety.
  • It also has a detachable torch.

BOVERTY Eco-Friendly Electronic


  • This product is fitted with a UV lamp which is effective in luring insects both indoors and outdoors.
  • It is water and weatherproof making it suitable for outdoor use.
  • It’s made out of ABS plastic quality which ensures great durability.
  • It is embedded with 6 different lights to lure the mosquitoes.
  • It dehydrates the mosquito to kill it.
  • It is USB powered and easy to use.

Wosta Electronic Led Mosquito Killer Lamps


  • It attracts the mosquitoes by using a bionic wight light of 365 nm which mosquitoes have no resistance to
  • It is a non-toxic product so it poses no harm to us humans.
  • It is a silent and odorless product.
  • It is very power efficient.
  • Easy to use.
  • It can easily be recharged using a USB.

WEIRD WOLF Electric Mosquito Killer Bat Racket


  • Even though the Weird Wolf racket has more battery capacity than the others mentioned above with 500 mAh of battery capacity, it still gives only upto 1 month of standby time.
  • Charges with a detachable cable which is super easy and convenient to use.
  • Bigger and brighter LED light to find mosquitoes.


  • Only a 3 month warranty period.

BEST MILEGA Rechargeable Mosquito Killer


  • It is made out of high quality ABS material making it strong, durable and sustaining.
  • It has a massive battery capacity of 1200mAh
  • It has an even massive power discharge of 5000V DC making it unbelievably effective.
  • It has a 6 month warranty period.
  • Upto 24-48 hours of continuous use.


  • The huge power discharge does limit the massive battery of 1200 mAh to only upto a month of standby time.
  • The packaging isn’t up to standards.

Vidhi World Killer Racket


  • It provides for a huge 1200 mAh removable battery with USB charging.
  • It has an effective battery management system which prevents overcharging that helps avoid battery degradation.
  • It is a completely made in India product.
  • Made from aircraft grade plastic to ensure long and durable use.
  • Built-in LED light to kill mosquitoes in the dark.

JIYANA Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp


  • It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • It attracts the mosquitoes by mimicking the human body temperature with the use of a bionic violet wave of 365 nm as its light source.
  • It covers an area of 60 m2.
  • It is a non-toxic product so it poses no harm to us humans.
  • It is a silent and odorless product.
  • It can easily be recharged using a USB.

Mosquito racket vs Lamp

Highly effectiveComparatively less effective
Ensures a kill every timeNo assurity
A bit noisyPretty silent
Does create some unpleasant odorOdorless
Needs manual effort to useWorks independently
Battery powered which can be charged quicklyNeeds a power source to function at all times.
Provides more coverageLimited coverage


Both mosquito racket and a mosquito lamp have their uses in separate occasions. But in our experience and also in the findings of various experiments it has been observed that a racket is much more effective in getting rid of mosquitoes. Using a combination of both can be the most effective way of eradicating mosquitoes. First by getting rid of all the mosquitoes which are visible to you by squatting them with a racket and then turning on the lamp to do its thing effectively while you get a sound sleep.

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