100+ Basic Hindi Words & Phrases for Kids (& Adults)

basic words and phrases in hindi
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Kids have the natural habit of mimicking, especially their family members. So whenever you speak in front of them they have a high tendency of learning those words and repeating them without knowing the actual meaning of those words. That’s why this list is important. We have listed out more than 100 different day-to-day Hindi words and a few popular Hindi phrases with their English translation for easy and quick learning.

Basic Hindi Words for Greetings with english meaning

Greeting is the first thing we do when we meet someone.

Hindi WordEnglish Translation
Namaste (नमस्ते)Hello
Suprabhat (सुप्रभात)Good Morning
Shubh Sandhya (शुभ सन्ध्या)Good Evening
Shubh Ratri (शुभ रात्रि)Good Night
Shubh Kamna (शुभकामनाएँ)Best Wishes
Swagat (स्वागत)Welcome
Dhanyavad (धन्यवाद) Thank You
Alvida (अलविदा)Good Bye

Basic Hindi Words for Actions

Best way to teach anyone anything is through action. So here are hindi words for some basic actions which are used on a daily basis.

Hindi WordsEnglish Translation
Baithna (बैठना)Sitting
Chalna (चलना)Walking
Daudna (दौड़ना)Running
Koodna (कूदना)Jumping
Gaana (गाना)Singing
Nachna (नाचना)Dancing
Rona (रोना)Crying
Hasna (हसना)Laughing
Likhna (लिखना)Writing
Padhna (पढ़ना)Reading
Bolna (बोलना)Speaking
Sun na (सुनना)Listening
Soch na (सोचना)Thinking
Khaana (खाना)Eating
Sona (सोना)Sleeping

Basic Hindi Words for Numbers

Numbers are an important part of our daily life. For example, to keep score of any game your kid chooses to play.

Hindi WordEnglish Translation
Ek (एक)One
Do  (दो)Two
Teen (तीन)Three
Char (चार)Four
Paanch (पांच)Five
Chhe (छह)Six
Saat (सात)Seven
Aath (आठ)Eight
Nau (नौ)Nine
Das (दस)Ten

Basic Hindi Words for Body Parts

Our body is complex and each part has its own name. We all should know the name of our body parts to better explain our problem in our body if we have any.

Hindi WordEnglish Translation 
Sar ( सर )Head
Aankhen ( आँखें )Eyes
Nak ( नाक )Nose 
Munh ( मुँह )Mouth
Kaan ( कान )Ear
Gardan ( गरदन )Neck
Kandha ( कंधा )Shoulder
Haath ( हाथ )Hand
Baaju ( बाजू )Arm
Ungliya ( उंगलियां )Fingers
Pet ( पेट )Stomach
Taangen ( टांगें )Legs
Pair ( पैर )Feet

Basic Hindi Words for Relationships

Somehow or the other we all are related to each other. To know how we are related here are the hindi words to define relations.

Hindi WordsEnglish Translation
Pita ( पिता )Father
Maata ( माता )Mother
Bhaiya ( भइया )Brother
Behen ( बहन )Sister
Daada ( दादा )Grandfather
Dadi ( दादी )Grandmother
Nana ( नाना )Maternal Grandfather
Nani ( नानी )Maternal Grandmother
Chacha ( चाचा )Uncle
Chachi ( चाची )Aunty
Dost ( दोस्त )Friend
Ajnabee ( अजनबी )Stranger

Basic Hindi Vocabulary

There are many more hindi words we use on a daily basis. These words vary from questions to emotions. Here are most of those words with their English translation.

Hindi WordsEnglish Translation
Kya ( क्या )What
Kab ( कब )When
Kaise ( कैसे )How
Kyu ( क्यों )Why
Kaun ( कौन )Who
Kahan ( कहाँ )Where
Aaiye ( आइए )Come
Jaana ( जाना )Go
Aaj ( आज )Today
Kal ka Din ( कल का दिन )Tomorrow
Beeta kal ( बिता कल )Yesterday
Parso ( परसों )Day after tomorrow
Abhi ( अभी )Now 
Baad Mein ( बाद में )Later 
Haan ( हां )Yes
Nahi ( नहीं )No
Acha ( अच्छा )Good 
Bura ( बुरा )Bad
Sach ( सच )Truth
Jhooth ( झूठ )Lie
Perasaan ( प्रसन्न )Happy
Dukhi ( दुखी )Sad
Naaraaz ( नाराज़ )Angry
Khana ( खाना )Food
Paani ( पानी ) Water
Zyada ( ज्यादा )More
Kam ( कम )Less
Khelna ( खेलना )Play
Aaraam ( आराम )Rest
Teekha ( तीखा )Spicy
Meetha ( मिठा )Sweet
Bhara Hua ( भरा हुआ )Full
Khalee ( खाली )Empty
Bhari ( भारी )Heavy
Halka ( हल्का )Light
Kitaab ( किताब )Book
Lamba ( लंबा )Tall
Chhota ( छोटा )Short
Ghar ( घर )Home/House
Gaadi ( गाड़ी )Car
Akela ( अकेला )Alone 
Saath ( साथ )Together
Maaf Karna ( माफ़ करना )Sorry
Samay ( समय ) Time
Upar ( ऊपर )Up
Neeche ( नीचे )Down
Tez ( तेज )Fast
Dheema ( धीमा )Slow
Mein ( मैं )I
Aap ( आप )You

Basic & Simple Hindi Phrases/sentences you can use everyday for Beginners

Learning words is way easier compared to learning a sentence. Understanding words in the form of sentences is necessary to get a better grasp of the language. Here are a few hindi sentences to make your learning a bit easier. 

Hindi SentencesEnglish Translation
Aap Kaise Hain? ( आप कैसे हैं? )How are you?
Main theek Hun ( मैं ठीक हूँ )I am fine.
Aap kitne saal ke ho? ( आप कितने साल के हैं ? )How old are you?
Main _ saal ka hu ( मैं _ साल का हूं )I am _ years old 
Tumhara naam kya hai? ( तुम्हारा नाम क्या हे? )What is your name?
Mera naam _ hai ( मेरा नाम _ है)My name is __
Aap se milkar acha laga (आप से मिलकर अच्छा लगा)Nice to meet you
Yah kya hai? (यह क्या है?)What is this?
Woh kya hai? (वो क्या है?)What is that?
Mujhe bhook lagi hai (मुझे भूख लगी है )I am hungry
Mujhe pyaas lagi hai (मुझे प्यास लगी है)I am thirsty
Mai thak gaya hu (मैं थक गया हूं)I am tired

Products to make Hindi learning easier

To make your Hindi learning experience even more easier and joyful, here is a list of highly intuitive and perfect visual learning products to teach you Hindi much faster.

1. Skillofun

Skillofun is a non-toxic and eco-friendly way to teach your kids Hindi. It teaches them how hindi words are formed in an enjoyable way by letting them interact with each letter. Fun learning is the easiest and best way to learn anything and hence this is the best product for it.

2. My First All in One: Bilingual Picture Book

Visual memories are the strongest memories so to get the strongest grasp of the Hindi language it’s best to use this bilingual picture book by Wonder House Books. It does not only contain the hindi alphabets but also covers a vast majority of topics which are taught in school. The vibrant colours of the book makes it an even more attractive option for kids.

3. Pratham Hindi Varnmala

The Pratham Hindi Varnmala is another brilliant pictorial book by Wonder House books. These books help in learning the Hindi alphabets by associating well researched pictures for examples. These pictures help in easy understanding and the learning is sustained longer because of the visual learning. The cover of the book is also made with soft padding to make it safer for the kids.

4. Hindi Writing Practice Books Set of 5

Reading is good, but it needs to be complimented with practice and that too a lot of. For that we suggest you use this set of 5 practice books with 40 pages each. It is a simple guide through letters, words and sentences.


We have a knack in learning Hindi as it is our mother tongue. Understanding its meaning and use in our day to day life is the tough part. The words detailed in this article are some of the most commonly used and easy to learn words which should be the easiest for anyone to start learning Hindi from. The best way to learn it is obviously through actions.

To make your hindi learning experience even simpler and easier, we have handpicked for you a few products that will help you in getting a better grasp of the language while also enjoying the experience.

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