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Nothing compares to the joy and charm of 90s cartoons when it comes to cartoon shows. Time flies as it always does, but 90s youngsters will never forget how much fun they had watching epic and great cartoon shows. Anyone who grew up in the 1990s can attest to the fact that cartoons had a significant influence on their development. These classic cartoons provided us with our animated heroes to pick from, from charming, attractive hunk Johnny Bravo to the brave-hearted Powerpuff Girls; from intellectual Courage the Cowardly Dog to the nerd Dexter’s Laboratory.

Whether you’re seeking for more mature humour or want to return to your childhood, this list of the finest 90s cartoons has something for everyone.

1. Rugrats

Television series that aired from 1991 to 2004. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Angelica—a.k.a. the Rugrats on Nickelodeon—were probably a regular part of your childhood media diet if you were of a certain age. With The Rugrats Movie in 1998 and Rugrats in Paris: The Movie in 2000, they even made it to the big screen.

2. The Magic School Bus 

Television series that aired from 1994 to 1997. The Magic School Bus, based on the popular novel, is exactly what it says on the tin. Miss Frizzle and her class go on exciting adventures and field trips that seem a lot more exciting than our daily school bus rides. Sure, it’s informative, but it’s also a lot of fun.

3. The Tick 

The Tick, a superhero with a sidekick named Arthur, first appeared in a comic book of the same name in the mid-1990s, and the eponymous show aired for three seasons, acquiring a cult following.

4. Sailor Moon 

As part of the great animé boom, Sailor Moon made its way to the United States. Usagi Tsukino, a middle schooler who is given extraordinary abilities to become a Sailor Soldier, is the protagonist of the story. You know how much we love a good female superhero, and Sailor Moon is one of the greatest.

5. Pokémon

A video game franchise created by Nintendo. Pokémon helped to popularise anime in the United States, and it is still intertwined into our lives thanks to apps and a 2019 big-screen feature starring Ryan Reynolds, Detective Pikachu. The popularity of the charming characters is unlikely to wane anytime soon, which is a good thing.

6. Ducks Tales 

Despite the fact that the show officially ended in 1990, Indian children were able to enjoy it well into the early 2000s. And, oh my god, it was fantastic and hilarious. Aren’t you all familiar with the renowned theme song?

7. The Animated Series of Batman

This is without a doubt the best Batman adaption. The show stays true to the comics’ Dark Knight while introducing relatable characters and allowing you to empathise with the baddies.

8. TaleSpin

Many well-known Disney characters were modified for the show and given their own universe. It’s based on the exploits of bush pilot Baloo the bear, whose air cargo freight firm, ‘Baloo’s Air Service,’ was poached by Rebecca Cunningham after he defaulted on outstanding debts with the tiger Shere Khan’s bank.

9. The Jungle Book 

A children’s book written by Rudyard. This is one of the better adaptations of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book among the numerous available. The show was just entertaining to see.

We used to like watching Mowgli grow up in a wolf pack, doing silly things with Baloo, and training with Bagheera.

10. Looney Tunes

A cartoon series created by Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny and his roommate Daffy live with a colourful cast of characters including Lola Bunny, Tina Russo, Porky Pig, Foghorn Leghorn, Elmer Fudd, Sylvester, Tweety, Granny, Gossamer, Yosemite Sam, Speedy Gonzales, Marvin the Martian, Pete Puma, and others.

The show has spawned many TV series, films, comic books, and video games, among other things. Bugs Bunny is honoured on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a star.

11. Tom and Jerry 

A pair of cartoon characters.The series involves a series of confrontations between Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse, who are natural enemies.The plot centred around Tom’s sneaky and imaginative methods of capturing Jerry, as well as the chaos that ensued after he failed.

12. South Park

A comedy series created by Matt Stone and Matt Groening.  There is a  show that has sparked as much debate as Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s long-running South Park, which debuted in 1997 and continues to air new episodes on Comedy Central? Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, Stan, and their parents, teachers, and neighbours in a small Colorado town satirise everyone from celebrities to politicians to cultural issues.

13. Dexter’s Laboratory 

A television series that aired from 1995 to 2003. What kid hasn’t fantasised about being an inventory for developing products in a hidden lab? That was the premise of Dexter’s Lab (as it was affectionately known). Of course, he also has to cope with an obnoxious elder sister and a nagging neighbor/rival.

14. Arthur

This animated sitcom is based on a book series and follows eight-year-old Arthur Read (a cute aardvark who looks a lot like John Legend) and his family and friends. The cartoon show has been able to address significant issues without appearing overly serious, and it frequently teaches children on themes such as autism, dyslexia, and cancer.

15. Gargoyles 

The Gargoyles are nocturnal creatures from mediaeval Scotland who wind up in modern-day New York City, where they assist in the protection of its residents. We adore the Shakespearean elements throughout the series, as well as the darker subjects than your typical animated show.

16. Brain and Pinky 

Who didn’t enjoy this cartoon series about genetically enhanced lab mice who are always attempting to conquer the world? Pinky and the Brain was a favourite with audiences of all ages because of its brilliant parodies and satires, and it still holds up today. It’s fortunate that this animated series can now be viewed online.

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